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Jul 3, 2011 10:18 PM

IKEA Envis Spatulas -- anyone have / used them?

I was bored in downtown Atlanta yesterday, so I ended up wandering around IKEA, and saw the Envis Spatula pair there. I didn't buy them because I wanted to see if there were any reviews of them (since IKEA products always seem to have reviews), but I didn't find any. Has anyone bought and used these? What did you think? If you have used something similar, does a short, wide spatula end up being useful?

I liked that the handles (melamine) had some heft to them, but I had no idea how "springy" the blades are since they were in a blister pack. The blades are made of silicone, and I liked the idea of a wide scraper style spatula.

It seems like something that might be useful, but I could not really tell because of the blister pack. They weren't really expensive at $7, but I also have enough useless kitchen gadgets laying around that the "little purchases" are beginning to really get expensive.

I've attached a picture of the spatulas, and their page is .

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  1. Nobody has used these or a spatula like the shorter one pictured?

    1. Yeah, they're cool for the first few uses but then the actual spatula part starts falling off more than it stays on. I wish they were worth it but they're not.