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Jul 3, 2011 09:36 PM

New in Parkdale - The Boreal Gelato Company

I was heading to Roncy today on Queen W and came across this new place. With a bright pastel colored sign, it looked out of place to say the least, intrigued I went inside.
The owner was standin behind the counter and after a brief chat I found out that they opened just this Thursday and wanted to open a place that introduced 'a happy ice cream' place in a corner of the city dominated by bars, cafes and dingy establishments.
Further questions revealed that they make everything on the premises. Per the owner, this is let them control inventory and quality to ensure a good fresh product. I think this a massively positive view, and a welcome change from the recent spate of ice cream parlours that serve you maypole or kawarth a or anyother pre-made product.

Flavours: Just 6 flavours, 5 of which were quite run-of-the-mill. (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, strawberry sorbet, stratciatella). The 1 unusual offering is the lemon-olive oil flavour which was amazing! I asked about the lack of choices, and she said that folks in the area are unaware of the gelato concept and she wants to start of with flavours they recognize before coming out with the tiramisu's, nutella, torrone, lemon etc. The list of upcoming flavours is on their website. And they have coffee, and espresso based drinks.

Taste: After much discussion I let the owner make a sundae for me. Totally her choices. She gave me the dark chocolate gelato with the strawberry sorbet, cocoa nibs on top. AMAZING!
The bitter cocoa nibs were an extraordinary compliment to the sorbet and the dark choclate was as dense and deep as I could hope for.

Pricing: On the higher end @ $7 for a double scoop in a cup. They have sundae's which work out to be cheaper @ $6.50. (toppings included).

Other stuff: They are very open to flavour suggestions since they can make whatever they want on premises. All the utensils, spoons etc are bio-degradable. They use local ingredients as much as possible which is why they had 2 strawberry offerings today!

1312 Queen St W, Toronto, On, Canada, M6K 1L4


P.S. The website is fully operational which for me is a huge plus point.

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  1. We stopped by after dinner at Nunu on Saturday night. Just to clarify, it's actually $6 + tax for a double scoop in a cup, which is still pricey. Didn't want people thinking it's $7 plus tax though! She actually rang it up wrong at first ($9) until we corrected her.

    The chocolate was really good but the pistachio was underwhelming. Still, a welcome addition to the neighbourhood.

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    1. re: slradcli

      Did you try the strawberry sorbet? T'was amazing! The use of the seasonal berries came through gorgeously, not too sweet and just the right amount of tartness.
      For me though, the star after the dark choc gelato was the cocoa nib topping. Absolutely mind boggling.

      Next I am going to go try their Half-Baked Alaska.

    2. Thanks for the reports. I had walked by back in May when they still had paper on the windows and I was excited to see that it was coming (even though I live no where close). Will have to try it out next time I am in the area.

      1. That is incredibly expensive, especially for a location so far out! Is it better than Dolce or Soma?

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        1. re: morefoodplz

          agreed that it's incredibly expensive. I would say that it ranks just below Soma in terms of quality. I've never tried Dolce, so I can't compare.

        2. finally, the real thing. Tastes the same as I enjoyed in Italy. Found out the owner went to Italy to learn how to make it before opening. Must have been an expensive trip but oh is it worth it. She got it right. Well done and welcome to Parkdale .

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          1. re: Foodadict

            What flavour did you have? What other places in Toronto have you had Gelato at and how do you rank them?

            I am also surprised by the cost especially considering the area.

            1. re: ylsf

              The cost will have to come down, unless the owner is counting on the new condo's being built at Queen & Roncy) to speed up gentrification.
              on the flip side, they really don't have any competition in the area. The closest I can think of would be Dolce Gelato on College and they are definitely not in the same league quality wise.

              Dolce Gelato
              679A College St, Toronto, ON M6G1B9, CA

          2. I tried this place yesterday -- I wasn't crazy about it. The gelato wasn't particularly creamy at all. It had a thin, almost watery mouthfeel that I found a tad off-putting.

            As for the flavours, I tried caramel and coconut. I didn't really like the caramel at all. It had a vaguely artificial taste and reminded me of those cheap caramels they used to give out at Halloween with the orange wrappers.

            The coconut was much better. It had a rich coconut flavour, wasn't too sweet, and was interspersed with shredded coconut.

            I'll probably try the place again in a little while to see if it improves, but my first impression was that it's nothing particularly special, especially considering the abundance of good gelato places in the city.

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            1. re: Michael N

              In an attempt to beat the heat I ordered a two scoop cone of raspberry and strawberry sorbettos.

              Now... I don't usually have a sweet tooth, but mine was utterly delicious.

              I can see this being a new thing for me.

              Oh... I also bought two Pineapple popsicles which are currently sleeping in the freezer... if my fridge holds out in this heat... wasn't looking good today!


              I wish I hadn't just gone for a big shop!