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Jul 3, 2011 07:34 PM

Blueberry pie -dough still raw! need help!

i'm embarrassed to say i made this recipe today and followed it to a tee.

after baking 45 minutes and let the pie cool, i found out the the dough underneath in the pie is still raw. barely cooked. this is my first mishap with pie. is there a way to save it? i put it back in the oven and covered with foil on top so it won't burn but seriously bummed :( so much blueberry gone to waste!

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  1. I'm guessing you didn't do a a blind bake of the pie crust before filling. It wasn't mentioned in the recipe at all.

    Do you know what that is? Sorry I'm not trying to preach here. No way to save it. Best just to eat the filling if that hasn't dried out too much.

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    1. re: hummingbird

      no mention of blind bake in the recipe :(

      1. re: trolley

        Hoping you were able to at least eat the blueberry filling, yes hate to waste them especially at this time of year. Good luck if you try another blueberry pie. It was the recipe, not your fault.

        1. re: trolley

          Blind baking is absolutely not necessary to make blueberry pie, or any pie.

          My guess is your oven temp or thermometer were off. Just need to recalibrate.

          How to save? How about making blueberry cobbler.

          Do you have a deep dish baking pan or a cast iron skillet? If so, invert the pie into the pan or skillet so that the fruit is on the bottom and covered on top with unbaked crust. Then toss it back in the oven for another 15-20 minutes at about 375F until top is golden brown.

          Good luck.

      2. You did the right thing to bake it further. covered. It would have been better, though, had you done so on a preheated sheet pan. 45 minutes is not long enough for a filled fruit pie. Try recipes from actual baking sites, not celebrity stuff that may never have been even baked, much less proofread. The type of pan used also makes a huge difference in baking time.

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          i bake my pies in an emile henry pan. i always use my own recipe for dough and look at epicurious or other food sites to get ideas and ingredient proportions and method.

          you're totally right. i'm never looking at another celebrity site again. i don't know what got into me. i was just totally off today and did a quick search for blueberry crumble pie. there it was so i used it without thinking. the recipe looks like it was written by a 3rd grader.

          i just took it out after another 20 minutes. gonna let it cool and if it's still underdone then i'm going the ipse route by flipping it.

          1. re: trolley

            Ceramic and glass pans take longer to heat up than thin metal or foil pans but heat more evenly and stay hot longer after the pie is removed from the oven.

          2. re: greygarious

            Baking it on a pizza stone or a cast iron griddle can help get that bottom crust browned up as well, but I agree - 45 mins is definitely not enough time for a fruit pie. I'm surprised the filling thickened properly, actually.

            1. re: biondanonima

              Yeah, I do 20 minutes at preheated 400F, then 350F for another 35-40 minutes.