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Newburgh, NY

Quick hits in Newburgh this weekend:

Amistad 74 Mill Street (845) 569-7116 grocery in front, caverous eatery in back. Did not try food, but looked real good. Decent fresh pan dulce in front.

Uriel Tacos 49 Mill St. just up the block from Amistad. Looks bright and cheerful. Very good vibe. This may be "the place".

El Bandolero 466 Broadway (845) 561-5390 drab american/mex coffeeshop. Deserted, depressing, shallow Mexican menu. I stuck with my intuition and waited 20 minutes for my carnitas sopes (a good sign...you don't want fast sopes). They were awfully good.

Barnstormer BBQ (Route 17K Ames Plaza). Pulled pork decent but tough. Sauce toothache sweet, though. Corn bread an abomination: undercooked and super sweet. Ugh. [Edit: woops, this is in Highland Falls, not Newburgh]

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  1. Thanks for the tips, Jim... Always good to hear from one of the originals!

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      Didn't Barnstormer BBQ Move. From Yelp We used to go here all the time before they moved to Highland Falls. I updated the address and Phone for Yelp so we'll see how long it takes to see the updated address. Food is as others have said. Great BBQ for next to nothing in the way of price. Not a good place for a first date as you will need the paper towels they place on the tables!

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        Absolutely correct. Barnstormer moved years ago to Rt. 9W in Ft. Montgomery, NY. Don't know who's serving food at the old location, but it ain't Barnstormer. They only have one location, the one I've listed. Oops.

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          Yeah, sorry about that. I hit the new location in Ft. Montgomery. I thought it was quite a bit south of Newburgh, but my iPhone for some reason thought I was still within city limits.

          tonyv, great bbq doesn't come with toothache sweet sauce. As for the toughness, that might have be an aberration, but the pulled pork I ate was about a C-minus by even merely "decent" North Carolina standards.

    2. How's the waterfront scene in Newburgh these days? Still overpriced and underwhelming food?

      1. we were in newburgh last weekend and tried machu-pichu for the first time. We ordered the whole chicken, came with a big plates of fries, chicken rice and salad. Everything was great and the sauces for the chicken, which varied from spicy to mile, were also delicous. Four of us ate for about $35!

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          Yeah, I spotted it. But also a number of other Peruvians. Would be great to systematically try them all.

          FWIW Peruvian chicken quality isn't always a litmus test; i.e. great Peruvian restaurants can have lousy chicken, and great chicken places can be lousy at all else. That said, great Peruvian chicken is great!

        2. FWIW I like the looks of this place (Anna's in Newburgh...Greek):

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            The review was not mine it was from Yelp. The only good BBQ places I have been to in the Hudson Valley are now closed Brothers in New Windsor and Big Daves in Goshen.I make my own now, will be making a full Brisket for a party this weekend.

          2. So, I headed to Newburgh and Mill Street, with the goal of trying Tacos Uriel, but ended up being diverted to El Gallo Dorado, 53 Mill Street, on the basis of a small sign that said "Tamales". It's a small grocery with three or four tables, very neat and tidy. Sadly, no tamales today, they will have them tomorrow. Then, I noticed a sign for "Desayunos" (breakfasts) and they were still serving. I opted for Huevos con Chorizo. It came with rice and beans and half a dozen corn tortillas, and a garnish of fresh avocado. Very nice, very filling, and cheap.

            I'll have to make another trip to try some of the other mexican specialty stores in the area.

            El Gallo Dorado
            53 Mill St, Newburgh, NY 12550

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              Yup that sign lured me in for non-existent tamales, too.

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                I stopped by again, and was told that tamales will be available at 8 am on Saturday, until they run out.

                I also stopped in at the Amistad Bakery, and was told (by a young lady forming tamales on a table in the back) that they will be available at 6 am on Saturday, until they run out.

                Guess who's going to Newburgh tomorrow morning!

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                  Real tamales, good tamales, are gone by noon. Great ones even earlier.

                  Can't wait to read your report!

                  1. re: Jim Leff

                    Sorry, got sidetracked by a friend with an emergency.... Will try again next Saturday.

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                      So, I made it back to Mill Street for the express purpose of buying fresh tamales at La Amistad Bakery. I arrived at a little past 7 am on a Saturday, asked for tamales, and was redirected to the back of the bakery, past racks of fresh bread and pastries, to the cafe in the back of the store. A young lady explained that there were three kinds of tamales available, green, red, and another type that I didn't understand. I opted for a dozen of the red tamales. She extracted half a dozen from the very large pot and placed them in a plastic bag. She then did the same with the other six. Happily, I returned to the front of the store to pay my $12.

                      The verdict:
                      Corn Husk, check
                      Dense Masa, check
                      Shredded Spicy Pork, check

                      I have been searching for this kind of tamale since my source in Kingston stopped production. I'm very happy to have found this.... Thanks, Jim, for the tips!

                      p.s. The cafe also seems to have an extensive menu of tacos, tortas, menudo, etc. I was so overjoyed with the tamales, I didn't even notice whether or not there were tables, etc.

                      Mill Street Cafe
                      3 Mill St, Nunda, NY 14517

                      1. re: georgeb

                        George, I'd have gotten a mixed dozen, to try more types! The third was very likely "rajas", a cheesey/vegetarian tamal with nopales. Either that or a sweet, brightly-dyed dessert tamal.

                        Photo looks great! Glad it turned out well! Oh, and there are a few tables!

                        Next time, why not return to El Gallo Dorado and see how their tamales rate? This sort of legwork is, after all, the essence of chowhounding! :)

                        1. re: Jim Leff

                          Yes, I know I should have the plunge for the mixed bag, but my jonesing for the red tamales was too strong for the first trip there... I'll be back (with my adventuring hat on)...

                          1. re: georgeb

                            I'll try to pitch in some, too. Looking for an excuse to go up that way....

                            Aren't there any other hounds who can help us canvas Newburgh tamales?

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                          out of curiosity what was your place in Kingston?

                            1. re: georgeb

                              I live about 2 miles from there. Ive stopped in a bunch of times over the years for various things and never even noticed they had tamales. Sad to know that i'll now be driving to Newburgh when i could have just driven over the roundout!

                              1. re: jaylowe

                                This was several years ago. She was making them on an infrequent basis for one of the restaurants. I would have to ask for them, since they were kept in the cooler. She eventually stopped making them, but they were outstanding. These in Newburgh might be just as good.

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                                  FYI, tamales are now available from Cruz Market again, perhaps for only a short time, so give them a call and see how good they are.

                                  1. re: georgeb

                                    awesome, thanks. We're coming off a weekend, so I'm supposing you got them on a weekend? They're often not made on weekdays

                                    1. re: Jim Leff

                                      These (at Cruz Market) were made on a Thursday, I believe... I bought them on a Friday. The tamales at La Amistad Bakery in Newburgh are not available until 7 am on Saturdays, and are sold until they are all gone. It's about a 30 mile trip for me, so I make sure that I get there early on Saturday morning. :)

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                              If u want really really good tamales try this lil store in the corner of southlander and overlook, a mexican co-worker sent me their cus his mother Iaw cooks them and the store sells them for her or something. I don't really know the name of the store but wow the tamales are amazing. So amazing that I go their at least very other weekend. If u do want to try them u have to go early because they go fast, I go like @9, let me know what u think if u do make it!

                      2. I'm heading to stewart airport today, ate peruvian last time, which of these should we try?

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                          I can recommend Tacos Uriel. I tried one of their chorizo tacos... very tasty, lots of filling, spicy, but not too much, didn't even try the green salsa. I did try a large tamale there, in a banana leaf, moister than I am used to.

                        2. we ended up tonight back at machu piichu for more chicken. I didn't want to experiment too much with the kids in tow and my stomach had to survive a train trip to providence and back tomorrow.

                          However, we passed the ixtapa taco truck (of bourdain fame) and I couldn't resist. My kids and I shared the $5 taco special which includes four tacos and a can of soda. The pork tacos were my favorite, on the whole the tacos were good, not great, but for the price, it's a great deal. I could definitely snarf down four tacos for lunch if in the area but would prefer to pay more for better quality (and a place to sit).

                          1. BBQ News! Yippee!
                            Brothers opened again in New Windsor/ Vails Gate last month, and is better than ever. Wings are the best, with ribs not far behind. Even better than Billy Joe's Ribworks down by the Hudson waterfront, (but they have beef, too). and Barnstormer in Highland Falls on 9W. The Bros. tell me they plan to offer big beef ribs soon. Prices up a bit (were low before), but so is quality. Haven't tried Roundup on Rte. 9, Cold Spring, yet.

                            1. To update....Amistad is now selling authentic homemade Oaxacan black mole, and Oaxacan tlayuda shells (they say you still have to go up to Pougkeepsie for actual cooked Oaxacan food).