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Jul 3, 2011 06:08 PM

Newburgh, NY

Quick hits in Newburgh this weekend:

Amistad 74 Mill Street (845) 569-7116 grocery in front, caverous eatery in back. Did not try food, but looked real good. Decent fresh pan dulce in front.

Uriel Tacos 49 Mill St. just up the block from Amistad. Looks bright and cheerful. Very good vibe. This may be "the place".

El Bandolero 466 Broadway (845) 561-5390 drab american/mex coffeeshop. Deserted, depressing, shallow Mexican menu. I stuck with my intuition and waited 20 minutes for my carnitas sopes (a good don't want fast sopes). They were awfully good.

Barnstormer BBQ (Route 17K Ames Plaza). Pulled pork decent but tough. Sauce toothache sweet, though. Corn bread an abomination: undercooked and super sweet. Ugh. [Edit: woops, this is in Highland Falls, not Newburgh]

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  1. Thanks for the tips, Jim... Always good to hear from one of the originals!

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    1. re: georgeb

      Didn't Barnstormer BBQ Move. From Yelp We used to go here all the time before they moved to Highland Falls. I updated the address and Phone for Yelp so we'll see how long it takes to see the updated address. Food is as others have said. Great BBQ for next to nothing in the way of price. Not a good place for a first date as you will need the paper towels they place on the tables!

      1. re: tonyv

        Absolutely correct. Barnstormer moved years ago to Rt. 9W in Ft. Montgomery, NY. Don't know who's serving food at the old location, but it ain't Barnstormer. They only have one location, the one I've listed. Oops.

        1. re: ecustard

          Yeah, sorry about that. I hit the new location in Ft. Montgomery. I thought it was quite a bit south of Newburgh, but my iPhone for some reason thought I was still within city limits.

          tonyv, great bbq doesn't come with toothache sweet sauce. As for the toughness, that might have be an aberration, but the pulled pork I ate was about a C-minus by even merely "decent" North Carolina standards.

    2. How's the waterfront scene in Newburgh these days? Still overpriced and underwhelming food?

      1. we were in newburgh last weekend and tried machu-pichu for the first time. We ordered the whole chicken, came with a big plates of fries, chicken rice and salad. Everything was great and the sauces for the chicken, which varied from spicy to mile, were also delicous. Four of us ate for about $35!

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        1. re: vinouspleasure

          Yeah, I spotted it. But also a number of other Peruvians. Would be great to systematically try them all.

          FWIW Peruvian chicken quality isn't always a litmus test; i.e. great Peruvian restaurants can have lousy chicken, and great chicken places can be lousy at all else. That said, great Peruvian chicken is great!

        2. FWIW I like the looks of this place (Anna's in Newburgh...Greek):

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          1. re: Jim Leff

            The review was not mine it was from Yelp. The only good BBQ places I have been to in the Hudson Valley are now closed Brothers in New Windsor and Big Daves in Goshen.I make my own now, will be making a full Brisket for a party this weekend.

          2. The original comment has been removed