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Jul 3, 2011 05:07 PM

BBQ in Buffalo (split from Ontario board)

I will TS. I really enjoyed the Camp 31 style of BBQ (even though I also enjoy Buster Rhino ribs as well). I will be going to Buffalo in a few weeks. Would you please recommend some BBQ restaurants to try there? I think that I'm hooked! lol

Buster Rhino's
2001 Thickson Rd S, Whitby, ON L1N, CA

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  1. If you're in Buffalo, go to Kentucky Greg's in Depew, which is located between the airport and the Walden Galleria (two popular destinations for Canadians!). Here's their website:

    One-Eyed Jack's in Lockport is OK, a notch below Greg's. We happened to be staying in a Lockport hotel for U.S. Thanksgiving weekend and they were just up the road so we tried them, pleasantly surprised.

    Others might recommend Dinosaur (supposedly the best BBQ in the state) which are in Rochester and Syracuse but I've never been, but I'll throw that out there in case you are going that way.

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      Thanks so much, TS. I appreciate the recs. Is the style of BBQ at Kentucky Greg's similar to Camp 31? If not, how is it different?

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        KG is a similar style to C31 (which is why my wife likes both of them). Well smoked, and served wet (sauced). If you like C31's style you'll be right at home at KG's.

        This blog has some pictures of the food:

        Oh yes, I agree with the blogger and highly recommend the fried banana peppers as an appetizer!