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Momofuku Ssam Bar Whole Rotisserie Duck Reservations

I was just checking the Momofuku Ssam Bar website (have been wanting to try the rotisserie duck), and discovered that a whole rotisserie duck is being offered for either lunch or dinner for a party size of 1 - 6 for $140 via the Momofuku reservation system. The duck is served with the chive pancakes and lettuce, sauce, crispy shallots and a choice of 2 sides. I've made a dinner reservation for my sister and me. Good thing we both love duck! Has anyone had this large-format dinner yet at Ssam Bar (I've had the Bo Ssam about two years ago with some of our CH friends).

Momofuku Ssam Bar
207 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

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    1. ellenost,

      One duck for two people @ $140 seems awfully expensive. And if it's just one duck for 6 people, that sounds very skimpy.

      At the Bo Ssam, I actually thought that even with the additional dishes we ordered, the size of the one pork shoulder was not really adequate for the number of people attending (I think 12?). And then there was the issue of the insanely high noise level....

      As I noted in another thread, the best thing about the Bo Ssam for me was meeting you and steakrules. :)


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      1. re: RGR

        I agree on the price thing.

        It is worth noting, RGR, that I might have been at the table next to you guys that Bo Ssam night. Were you in the last table towards Milk Bar? There was a huge group of chowhound people there that night. I agree with you on the noise level (but it never bothered me too much), but have never come close to finishing a Bo Ssam (group of 8 and group of 10), though I was the only one at either meal that could eat like a horse.

        1. re: RGR

          Thanks RGR! It was a pleasure to meet you too (and Mr. R, steakrules and our other CH friends)!

          I imagine that the duck is probably a perfect size for 4 people which makes the cost, at least for me, not too expensive ($35 per person). Since my sister doesn't eat pork, we'll probably not be able to eat many of the other menu items so we'll be focusing on the duck. BTW, I loved your photo of the duck!

          I don't know when Ssam Bar started offering the reservations for the large format for the duck, but it seems like a great idea so this way those who are interested in the duck will be guaranteed the duck. Based on the availability of reservations, I think many people may not yet be aware of this dining opportunity. Glad I caught it by chance before it becomes booked up.

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            That still ranks among my favorite CH get-togethers of all time! Enjoy the duck and let us know all about it.

            So, when is the reunion meal? ;o)

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              it was the only chowdown ive been to :( i want more more more

        2. I didn't know about the duck reservations. I've had the rotisserie duck for lunch a couple of times, and I highly recommend it - it is a perfect meal. It's rich so I normally share it with my boyfriend and order one other dish. Does anyone know how many servings there are per duck? (i.e. Is one order at lunch 1/4 duck?) I think the reserved duck is different, as the duck didn't include sausage for the the single lunch serving, and the FAQ says
          "q: how is the duck cooked?
          a: the duck is stuffed with duck sausage under the skin and then cooked on a rotisserie."

          Please report back, I'm dying to know more. But the $16 lunch order fits a little more with my economics at the moment!

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            The rotisserie duck wins the award for odd pricing, though: $14 ($17 with chive pancake and bibb lettuce) for weekday lunch; $24 (with chive pancake, bibb lettuce, ginger scallion) for weekend lunch, and $140 (with extras plus two sides) for a whole reserved duck.
            I'm guessing the discrepancy between weekend and weekday lunch is because you order at the counter on the weekdays, but I assume the dish is the same.

          2. Wanted to report back about the wonderful whole rotisserie duck at Ssam Bar that I had Friday night. What a spectacular meal! Perfect number of people is 4 - 6. There was only 2 of us, and we looked at the roasting pan filled with a ton of the most beautifully cooked sliced roast duck breast, several more slices of duck skin with what I think may have been thigh meat cooked confit, rice, greens, half dozen scallion pancakes, a head of lettuce, sirracha, hoisin and (my personal favorite) liquid duck fat with ginger and scallions. The duck itself was perfectly rosy with very little fat and crispy skin. This duck completely blows all other duck meals that I've had recently completely out of the water!

            Accompanying the duck were two side dishes of our choosing. I selected the broccoli with fish sauce and the spicy potatoes. I loved both of them.

            We got about half way through, and I have to admit that even though I have no trouble finishing the 16 course lunch at Ko, I have never been so full as eating 1/4 of the duck dinner.

            The staff at Ssam Bar told us we did better than most in getting through the duck (I think they didn't want us to feel bad about only getting through half). The staff packed up everything in these great leak-proof containers. My sister and I had yummy leftovers for the next two days!

            Momofuku Ssam Bar
            207 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

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              This sounds like something I have to try. Did you get more than one duck with the dinner? I generally don't think that a single duck is enough to feed more than 3 people as a main course. If its enough for 4-6 seems like there must be more than one duck or else it must be one big duck.

              1. re: Bkeats

                Don't know whether it was more than one duck since I didn't see the duck before it was sliced. If it was only one duck, it was a mutant giant to produce so many large thick slices of duck breast. I wouldn't be surprised if it was two ducks.

              2. re: ellenost

                That sounds amazing, ellenost. Great writeup! I like that you get to choose two of your own sides. It can make for a more balanced meal than the bossam, which is a bit vegetable deficient on its own.

                1. re: ellenost

                  Forgot to mention there was also a dish of duck cracklings (very yummy).

                2. Here is a photo of the meal for a party of 6, who reported they finished most but not all of the food ("Fed 6 adults, with leftovers for a tiny lunch.").


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                    1. re: kathryn

                      Same as mine, but better to see how many delicious slices of duck!

                    2. Today I had the rotisserie duck for lunch, which was delicious as always, and took the opportunity to ask about portions. The lunch portion of rotisserie duck is 1/2 of a duck breast, with a little duck leg confit hidden between the breast meat and the rice. The $140 duck is more than four times the amount of duck, plus sides and all of the additional goodies that ellenost described so well. It's also made with duck sausage under the skin, which is not in the regular lunch preparation. One of the waitstaff told me that even parties of 6 have a hard time finishing all of the food, so the large-format portion is generous even with a full head count.
                      At lunch today we divided 1 order of rotisserie duck between 3 of us, but we ordered 3 pancakes. We also wanted to try the fried duck dumplings and an order of ham. If it hadn't been 87 degrees we probably could have polished off 2 orders of rotisserie duck, but under heat advisory circumstances we felt well fed. The fried dumplings are fun and tasty - ground duck in a wonton skin (I assume) deep fried to a golden brown with summer beans and sriracha mayo. The edwards wigwam ham was smoky, kind of Virginia prosciutto, and nice on such a hot day. The rotisserie duck is the real star here, and the dish that keeps me coming back. I'm posting photos so you can compare with the large-format serving.

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                      1. re: hungrycomposer

                        Loved your photos (especially of the duck!).

                        1. re: ellenost

                          ok, just have to chime in here. i had the large format duck dinner this past saturday. there were 6 of us.

                          1) all 6 of us finished it. as in, no leftovers. we were VERY full afterwards. the pan they served it in was literally wiped clean -- no rice or duck or confit or greens left. it was glistening with duck fat though.
                          2) we did not get a side of duck skin cracklings. a bit sad about that.
                          3) our 2 sides were the bok choy (but i think they gave us market greens - swiss chard instead) and the fingerling potatoes with black bean sauce.
                          4) we were offered the large format dessert -- in which they only made one for the day. it was a rhubarb tart with szechuan peppercorn coffee ice cream. pretty tasty. we didn't finish the dessert. it was basically a large puff pastry donut cut in half like a sandwich, spread with rhubarb cream. in the "hole" of the donut was the ice cream.
                          5) i found it funny they served a small dish of salt with the meal. suffice to say, it was not used. and the duck fat scallion/ginger sauce = unctuous bliss.
                          6) i'm not so sure about the portions of the duck. it definitely did not look like one duck breast. unless it was a large mutant duck breast. the waitress pointed out the duck spinning in the rotisserie prior to the start of the meal, but i think there's some chang-trickery going on. it was only duck breast meat (not including the confit) -- no legs or wings or any other pieces. where did the rest of the duck go? not complaining, just wondering.

                          if i were to rate the momofuku large format dinners that i've had so far:
                          duck > fried chicken > bo ssam

                          1. re: smirkrevenge

                            They also serve a small dish of Maldon sea salt with the Bo Ssam.

                            Here's a photo of the dessert:

                            The nuts are hazelnut. The filling is whipped cream and a rhubarb compote-like substance. It's a special they've been doing off and on at Ssam for the last several weeks. They don't bake a lot of the shells each day so if you're interested in it, reserve one as soon as you sit down.

                        2. re: hungrycomposer

                          The sausage under the skin is already in all the ducks at lunch. You can see it from your own photos, where there is a sharp change in color in the "meat" under the skin (cooked sausage under the skin, then the more pinkish duck breast under that). I preferred the previous version without the sausage, but it is still very tasty.

                          I eat a lot. Those who read my posts know that I often go overboard ordering extras. If it's only about 4 times the amount of duck I don't see how it would feed 6 people.

                          As for pricing, it sounds like a good deal at dinner (considering not having to wait and dinner is usually more expensive), but it kind of sounds like you can get more value ordering a la carte at lunch.

                          1. re: fooder

                            There was definitely no sausage in our a la carte duck, fooder, and the wait person said that was one of the differences between the two presentations. If you had a party of 6, $23 still sounds like a great deal for the large format meal with all the extras.

                            Smirkrevenge, I think the legs become duck leg confit (the dark meat bits) there isn't a lot of meat on ducks beside the breast and legs.

                            Thanks, Ellenost!

                            In spite of this debate about portion size, one thing I love about Momofuku is that you can also run in and order it for $14 without all of the ceremony. They cover a lot of ground - they can be a real splurge or a great neighborhood place to grab a quick bite.

                            1. re: hungrycomposer

                              Does anybody know their policy on babies? Doesn't seem to be an answer in the FAQ, and talking to anybody there isn't all that easy... Is there room for a small stroller?

                              Thanks in advance

                              1. re: johnandjane

                                I've seen babies and toddlers there, but there isn't really space for a stroller.

                                1. re: johnandjane

                                  They'll tolerate (not in a bad way) but not accomodate.

                                  If you can handle your baby in the uncomfortable chairs etc then not a problem. They'll make you fold up your stroller unless its super empty. (Which it hardly ever is, even lunch.)

                                  Recommend lunch or early side when relatively speaking its less crowded.