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Jul 3, 2011 02:29 PM

What should we do?


While dining at a wonderful restaurant, one of New England's finest, my husband bit down on a fried oyster and cracked a crown on a bit of shell, or sand in the oyster. He spoke to the manager, who give him her card and said to please send the dental bill to her. After receiving the bill, the chef-owner called my husband and said that the manager did not speak for the restaurant and there was nothing they could do. My husband asked if they had insurance, and the chef said no.

  1. Was it sand or shell? Shell would be fairly obvious, but sand, I mean, how can they get every grain out?

    1. If your husband bit down on something hard enough to crack a crown, it was almost surely a bit of shell rather than sand. Unfortunately when opening oysters it's pretty much impossible to avoid an occasional bit of shell from falling onto the oyster. As an oyster lover myself, I'm always careful about biting down too hard. On the other hand, it sounds like the manager handled the situation properly, and I'd like to hear the chef-owner explain to a court that the manager doesn't speak for the restaurant. The manager is the owner's representative, and of course speaks for the restaurant. I can't believe that the restaurant doesn't have liability insurance, and the owner sounds like a jerk. I'd probably never return.

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        There's always small claims court for recourse.

      2. Just reread your post and realized that I missed the word "fried". Although bits of shell are pretty common when eating raw oysters, they really should not be present in fried oysters. If you want to pursue it (I don't think I would myself), as monavano says...there is always small claims court.

        1. I would talk to the restaurant about paying for half of it since sometimes a crown can be fragile and crack from something a regular tooth would not have a problem with. Or, since it is such a wonderful restaurant, see if you can take it out in meals....just don't order the fried oyster.

          1. Speaking as someone who has multiple crowns - something was obviously wrong with the oyster - probably shell did the damage. The restaurant is responsible - I'd pursue it.