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Jul 3, 2011 12:34 PM

Japanese Hibachi Restaurant (Manhattan)

My about to be 25 year old daughter said she would like to go to a Hibachi Sushi restaurant for her birthday.

What sushi place in Manhattan also has hibachi?

Please don't say Benihana !


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  1. Hasn't been popular in decades but check this thread out:

    1. apparently, there's a new one in morningside heights.

      it's run by chinese people, so it certainly won't be very authentic. but the question seems to be whether it will be better than Benihana (which seems to be the only other place in this universe...


      47 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

      1280 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10027

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          i might have sounded cynical, but i actually went to check out the place (Nikko) coz i live in the neighborhood. it's not bad. the teppanyaki (hibachi) was like a monkey show. but i guess that's why some people like it, and in way that's perhaps why it couldn't go more upscale in NY. in japan / hong kong, it was never that much of a show; you may see a quick flip here and there, and that's it. the emphasis is more on quality ingredients cooked precisely.

          so the meat and seafood stuff wasn't really high at that place. but the execution was decent. the sushi, surprisingly, was pretty good. i'm not talking about good like 15 east / sushiden / gari that kind of thing, of coz. it's a small neighborhood place run by chinese people. but for a place as such, i'd say pretty top notch.

          i actually haven't been to benihana so i can't compare. but the people eating next to me say it's a lot better than benihana. so maybe it's worth it. they don't have a website yet but the prices were pretty inexpensive. like $15-25 for a set (including soup, salad, apps, main course, fried rice, etc). my SO and I ordered a hibachi set to split, and ordered a sushi & sashimi set, and that's plenty of food.

          1280 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10027

            1. re: mow mow

              Mow mow,
              Thank you for the great suggestion.
              Columbia University area and this place sounds just perfect!

        2. Gyu Kaku would fit the bill. I would rec the Copper Sq location for such an event-has better enviroment for celebrating a 25 yo b-day. The have raw fish dishes but it is not a sushi place per se.

          34 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003

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          1. re: UES Mayor

            but that's yakiniku (you do the cooking yourself), but teppanyaki (they do the cooking for you on a flat griddle)

            1. re: mow mow

              details, details. who said anything about teppanyaki-certainly not the OP

              1. re: UES Mayor

                right, right. the OP said hibachi which i take to mean teppanyaki, or whatever it's called - some chef cooking for them.

                if one doesn't mind doing the cooking oneself, gyu-kaku is a nice place indeed. they say takashi is great too.