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Jul 3, 2011 10:21 AM

Best updated cheap eats in RI

Hi everyone,
Visiting RI and looking for great current cheap eats. Any suggestions for just really good food and no frills. Best breakfast, Best Mexican, Best lobster roll/seafood and Italian are big hits. I go to RI every year and have been curious about Mike's kitchen but we never seem to motivate. Is it worth it? Any help would be great. thanks in advance.

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  1. Best Mexican in Newport County is Perro Salado. You can get tacos, burritos, enchiladas with a choice of filling for $8.

    Perro Salado
    19 Charles St, Newport, RI 02840

    1. Go to Mike's Kitchen. You won't be sorry. Keep in mind that it's not open every night (call them to make sure), it's cash-only, and that you place your drinks order with a separate waitress than your food order.

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        You should definitely try Lucky Garden in North Providence. Their dim sum is a fun and delicious cheap eats.

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          Mike's should be on everyone's "must try" list. The food is very good and the place is a trip.

        2. Amazing greek cafeteria called Athenian Deli in Cranston. Cheap as chips, and amazing donairs and souvlaki.

          Frank & John from Italy Pizza in East Greenwich -- best pizza in the state for sure

          Athenian Deli & Restaurant
          1242 Oaklawn Ave, Cranston, RI 02920