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Jul 3, 2011 09:32 AM

Help From Bread Bakers!!

I am a novice bread baker but this recipe:

has been successful the past few times I have made it. Well, I want to make cinnamon-sugar breadsticks but no recipe has stood out. I was wondering if I could use that sandwich bread recipe without any problem. Also, if any of you have any good soft yeast breadstick recipes I could make that would be wonderful!
Thanks in advance!! :)

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  1. If you like the taste/texture for that recipe, I'd use it. I wouldn't use the water/steam in the oven, if you want soft so it'll be soft, not crusty.

    1. Yes, that would be a good choice for soft breadsticks. Just make up a sugar cinnamon mix and roll the breadsticks in it after they are formed, before the second rise. Alternatively, you could wait until they have risen the second time, then just before you put them in the oven, brush with milk or melted butter and then sprinkle the sugar cinnamon over them. Breadsticks will need a much shorter baking time, so keep an eye on them.

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      1. re: LisaPA

        I agree except that I'd toss them in the sugar cinnamon mixture when I took them hot from the oven like a donut or a churro. That way you avoid the tricky business of burnt sugar.

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          I think either before of after baking would be fine for adding butter and cinnamon sugar, depending on what texture Laurenjo28 wants. Brushing w/ melted butter and topping w/ cinnamon sugar before would make it more like a cinnamon roll, incorporating it as part of the bread.

        2. I would expect cinnamon-sugar bread sticks to be made with a sweet bread dough. Rather than the recipe you identified, you might want to look into a formula closer to a pizza dough for bread sticks if you don't want to use a sweet yeasted dough.

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          1. re: todao

            My first thought was using something like a brioche, too, but the sandwich bread would give more texture/substance, if that's what she was going for. I think a pizza dough would have more chew, be less soft than a soft yeast breadstick.

            1. re: todao

              I was thinking about using pizza dough but the recipes I've tried tend to be a bit chewier than I'd like. This bread recipe has a nice texture so that's why I was wondering if I could use it.

              1. re: Laurenjo28

                I think that since you like that bread, just try it and see what happens! If the sandwich bread tends to be floppy as opposed to a more firm free form loaf would be, have a bit more care when transferring the breadstick to the baking sheet, or you might end up with uneven looking sticks with some pieces too thin in the middle and too fat at the ends.

            2. Thank you guys for all the advice :)
              I ended up making "inside-out cinnamon rolls" and just shaped the bread dough into buns with the cream cheese stuffed inside.
              Super Delicious!!