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Great seafood with views in Cape Ann?

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Hi all, am headed to Gloucester this weekend for a friend's wedding. We'll only be there a few days, but I'm very excited. Any suggestions as to great seafood (lobster rolls, fried fish, clams etc) options--I know this is touristy but we *are* from out of town, so places with great views or that are walkable to beaches or downtown Gloucester would be esp. appreciated. I've read reviews of the Lobster Pool (but reviews of food seem pretty mixed) and Lobsta Land, anything else I should know about? Thank you!

Lobster Pool
329 Granite St, Rockport, MA 01966

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  1. The Lobster Pool by far. Food and service are great, views are incomparable.


    Lobster Pool
    329 Granite St, Rockport, MA 01966

    1. For lobster in a very casual setting -- the back porch, sitting on crates -- there is Roy Moore's Lobster Co. in Rockport, MA. No sides, btw, just lobster and a few other seafood items. It's fun to not worry about getting messy and very relaxing to sit on the porch and look out over the cove. I'd avoid the chowder as it's the gloppy, too-milky kind. Rockport is tourist-kitsch, but can be fun if you take it as it is. Shops, beaches, ice cream, a great hot-dog place . . . it's all good.

      The Lobster Pool can be hit or miss. Sometimes I've had a terrific lobster roll or fried fish, other times it was less than mediocre. The backyard dining views are great, though. One thought is to get takeout from Lobster Pool and go down the street to Halibut Point State Park, hike out to the giant rock strewn coast, and picnic. BYOB to Lobster Pool.

      One of my favorite places to bring a take-out dinner is Wingasheek (spelling?) Beach in Gloucester, after hours. During the day it's a madhouse and $20 or more to park. After the families leave, things calm down and parking used to be free after 6:00. When the tide is out, you can take a long walk into the sea.


      Lobster Pool
      329 Granite St, Rockport, MA 01966

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        Thanks to both of you! This is great...

      2. My favorite would be Captain Carlo's. It's right on the harbor, a block from downtown Gloucester, and is one of the best places in town for a full clambake (lobster, steamers, chowder). Outside dining on the patio has a view of, well, a lot of boats in the fishing harbor, so not terribly romantic.

        BTW, check out Lee's for breakfast.