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Jul 3, 2011 08:34 AM

Excellent Dinner at the Gentrified SeaHorse Tavern in Noank, CT

My wife and I had dinner last night (ie, Saturday) at the recently reopened SeaHorse Tavern.
The renovation was attractive and comfortable.
As usual, we ate in the bar area, which, in the past, was raucous and funky. Alas, the funky atmosphere was gone, replaced by a much more gentrified ambiance.
We shared a great appetizer of fried calamari, covered by a spicy batter. My wife ordered crabcakes for her entrée and they were outstanding, accompanied by some perfectly cooked jaricots verts, dressed lightly with butter, and some lackluster steak fries.
It turned out to be a calamari night for me and I ordered calamari sautéed in olive oil with pepperoncini and garlic (lots), served over angel hair spaghetti, which was recommended by my daughter. I really enjoyed my entree, but the portion was enormous and much more than I could finish. We did not have dessert.

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