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Jul 3, 2011 06:54 AM

Chinois Asian Bistro, Windsor

We finished up our Sonoma County dining week with a very nice meal at Chinois Asian Bistro in the heart of downtown Windsor.
It was a beautiful evening so we sat outside in the cute bamboo patio. Very relaxing atmosphere.

We shared everything, started with Roti Parta, which was flaky Indian flat bread served with an addicting yellow curry sauce, Also had the pot stickers which were large and stuffed with a tasty pork mixture and served with balsamic citrus – soy and sprinkled with toasted chili flakes. Two great starters.

Mains were also excellent. Chifas Tomato – Beef was a delicious version of the classic Chinese Peruvian dish, filet with tomato, onions and fried potatoes. Came with jasmine rice.
Singapore Spicy Prawns which were wok fried and came with a spicy Sambal chili sauce. This entrée came with coconut rice which made a great combination with the spicy sauce.
We each had a glass of Riesling which went well with the spice. Worth noting is that the owner is a Master Sommelier and the wine list reflects that. It is packed with interesting selections from around the world.

Service was friendly, informed and very helpful. Our server Sarah took us through parts of the menu and helped with our selections.
It was our first visit to Chinois but look forward to returning during our next trip here.

Chinois Asian Bistro
186 Windsor River Rd, Windsor, CA 95492

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  1. A quick follow up on Chinois Asian Bistro, had dinner there last night and it was excellent. Had great service and suggestions from Jenna, our server and they were right on. We shared everything.
    Started with Duck Spring Rolls, crispy roast duck meat and cucumber wrapped in rice paper. A tasty starter. Ordered 3 entrees knowing some would be lunch today.
    Mandarin Orange Glazed Prawns were glazed with honey, chili and tangy orange sauce. A touch sweet but with really nice flavors. Hong Kong BBQ Pork Egg Noodles was house cured pork, wok fried with fresh vegetables. This was a big hit with its complex flavors. Spicy Combination Of Coconut Fried Rice was a generous portion of chicken, shrimp and calamari in that tasty coconut rice with cooked fresh tomatoes. Yum!
    Chinois has a wide variety of Asian cuisine and what we have sampled so far has been excellent. Attractive restaurant with an outside patio. Dinner last night with the starter, 3 entrees and a couple of soft drinks was a very reasonable $50.00 before tax and tip.

    Chinois Asian Bistro
    186 Windsor River Rd, Windsor, CA 95492

    1. Giving this thread a revival. After thoroughly enjoying take out a few times recently, last night three of us had dinner here.
      We got there at six so we started with the "Happy Hour" or Asian Tapas menu. We shared Fried Pork and Shrimp dumplings, Lemongrass Dungeness Crab Cake, Lemongrass Calamari, Hong Kong Pork Shu Mai and Coconut Prawns. Nice variety of flavors, an excellent start.
      The Happy Hour menu has quite a variety of dishes to try and also a selection of drinks, beer and wine at 4-5 dollars each.

      Our mains kept up with the apps, Singapore Spicy Rocket Prawns, Angkor Borei Calamari & Prawns, sauteed in a Cambodian spicy, garlic sauce and Hong Kong BBQ Pork Egg Noodles were shared and were delicious.

      Service was friendly and attentive, a nice relaxing meal.
      Chinois Asian Bistro is a real gem in Windsor, just one block over from the Town Green.
      If you are craving Japanese, Ume Japanese Bistro, their sister restaurant, is a few blocks away and every bit as good. More on Ume at another time :)