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Jul 3, 2011 05:50 AM

Best Indian in Iselin

What's the best non-buffet Indian restaurant in Iselin?

We're staying for two days and a CH search came up with the repeated recommendation that pretty much all the Indian places were worthwhile. Oak Tree Rd, was mentioned as a mecca but I'd like specific places.


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  1. There was a article recently in a cooking magazine about oak tree rd in Iselin. I would google it the article would probably come up. I would go wherever the most local people are.

    1. The best in Iselin?

      That's tough!

      Oak Tree Road in Iselin is the main Indian shopping strip of New Jersey and is filled with places to eat - or at least snack. I've lived in the neighborhood for a decade and while I wouldn't say that every place is "worthwhile," I will say that you can find something good most of the time.

      Over the long run, the best vegetarian has been Chowpatty at 1349 Oak Tree Road. For meat try Karaikudi Chettinad at 1671 Oak Tree Road. (actually right over the line in Edison)

      1. The “diner” of Oak Tree Road Indian restaurants.

        1567 Oak Tree Rd, Iselin, NJ 08830