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Jul 3, 2011 05:41 AM

where do you guys buy your seafood? [Detroit Area]

My friend just bought me a couple jars of aligue from the Phillipines and I'm planning on making aligue pasta this weekend with prawns and/or scallops. Question is, where do you guys get your seafood from?

I'm normally a huge whole foods place, but its so incredibly pricey. I'd love to be able to find a place with Hokkaido scallops or Tiger prawns. If not, where do you fellow CHers buy your fresh seafood from? Any recommendations?


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  1. This board covers six states. I'm guessing you're asking about fish markets in your immediate area. Care to mention which city you're interested in?

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      I think Don is in the Detroit area.

    2. DB82, You’re a tough customer, coming from California. I’ve not found any secret sources offering great quality for a modest price. I just go to Papa Joe’s, which is excellent, and pay high prices for small quantities. This leaves me hungry so I then fill up on side dishes.

      Noble fish has some finds, and is also somewhat open to negotiation if you get to know them, particularly if you are Japanese or Chinese…maybe Vietnamese would have an angle as well?

      People talk up Superior Fish, which had bad hours for me, and when I finally scheduled a trip there several years ago I was disappointed. Nevertheless, people still tell me to give them another chance, and that I will like them. Maybe I’ll do so.

      PS—I had Copper River salmon from Whole Foods a few weeks ago, and it was magnificent. Papa Joe’s has better fish (sushi quality almost across the board), but W.F. does have some winners, too, as you said.

      PPS--for maybe other ideas, check out:

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        I agree with VTB on Papa Joe's, but only the Birmingham location. I've not had a great experience at the Rochester store. I normally buy all of my fish there as I feel they have a good turnaround...I'm never disappointed. Agreed it's pricey, but I want fresh.
        Today I was at Plum Market in Ann Arbor and the fish monger, who I think deserves that name here, gave me an education on Scottish salmon. He was so knowledgeable. Went home and checked online to verify what he was saying and he was spot on. My daughter will start grad school here next month so I will be making more stops at Plum.

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          My biggest issue with the fish here, both reg. markets and fish markets, is the fact that most of the fish is farmed and from some Asian country. Mostly because it's farmed fish/seafood. If it's wild caught, then it's too far away and I'm wary about the regulations. I wish Papa Joe's was closer to me. Probably at least 45 minutes to an hour. I have had good luck at Mitchell's in Livonia. It's a restaurant as well as a market. I do wonder how much they sell just as a market. But the fish I have purchased there has always been top quality and delicious. Unlike Superior in RO. And the super market fish. Forget about it! What's with farmed catfish from Vietnam!

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          i buy most fish from nino's (troy store) and occaisionally costco (i.e., salmon, tuna, shrimp). costco had some good looking copper river salmon a few weeks ago and i had to pass because no time within the next few days to make it. next time i went there, it was gone.

          superior is ok, but the hours are not the most convenient.

          i have gone to noble to buy for making nigiri and rolls at home.

        3. In Ann Abor, I like Monaghan's in Kerrytown.

          1. Holiday Market in RO is our go-to spot.