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Poached Salmon

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Looking for cold poached salmon. Usually served with cucumbers and yogurt sauce. Tampa area

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  1. It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but the whole side of cold salmon on the cold bar at Texas de Brazil across from The International Mall is shockingly delicious...
    It's cold smoked I believe, but it's not cured... Not Lox... Actually I don't know what they do---- I'll have to taste it a couple more times...
    $25.00 gets you full access to it, and also a wonderland of other goodies---- lobster bisque, Tuna Tataki w/wasabi sauce, Feijoada & rice, top shelf deli meats and cheeses, and the list goes on...
    As much of an alpha carnivore as I am, I could be very happy forsaking the meatfest every now and then and just frolicking in that playground...

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      me too, Bill. that cold bar was my favorite part. the meats were all great, but i would happily have just continued to graze in that cold bar all night long...