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Jul 2, 2011 08:34 PM

Aldi Delray Beach

Drove past the old Albertson's site today and it appears that Aldi is going to open there soon, Military and Linton. They are currently hiring and the sign is up, so the opening could be imminent.

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  1. Will be interesting to check out! Here's an artcile from when they opened in Deerfield

    ``I love them,'' said Whalen of Coconut Creek. ``They're cheaper and better than Costco, BJ's and Sam's Club.''

    Read more:

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    1. re: CFByrne

      Sounds neat. I've read about this place before.

      I like the part in the article where someone marvels at the $1.99 can of cheese spray. Man I eat and drink plenty of crap, but I draw the line at cheese substance in an aerosol can.

      1. re: coffeyucf

        They had them when I was in Atlanta. I think you have to buy the bags, bag it yourself, and rent a cart. Employees are kept at a minimum, so don't expect any help. It's a no frills place and do not carry brand name products. Nothing about the place gave me the desire to even step in the door.

        If Walmart groceries are too high end for you, then this is your place.

        1. re: freakerdude

          Visited the one on Hillsboro, was not impressed whatso ever. No Name brands, of stuff Im not sure I would eat...

          1. re: SaminSFL

            That is kind of the point of Aldi. or, a point, at least. You're not paying for labels. They're all right, especially for the basics. I know people who swear by their German chocolate. My family is not going to stop going to Publix, though.

    2. We visit the one in Oakland Park fairly often. You do have to bring your own bag or buy one of theirs and carts cost a quarter but you get the quarter back when you return the cart. These are no big deal to me and I can see how they would keep cost down.

      There is a lot of junk food and off-brand stuff there but if you browse around there are definitely deals to be had. We like most of their meats and produce, olive oil, wine, pastas, yogurt and cottage cheese. All these are priced much lower than your average grocery store.

      1. I agree with both sides of this discussion. Aldi's is a no-frills sort of place with plenty of terrible prepared food. And Aldi's has stunningly good prices on so many basic ingredients (this week I got great deals on watermelon, soymilk, gorgonzola, canned tuna, sourdough pretzels, and pinto beans to name a few) that it is worth a trip.
        IMHO Walmart food is too expensive and I am happy to bring my own bags and use a quarter to get a cart to avoid the extra expenses.
        I make a weekly shopping trip stopping first at Stiles Farmers market then on to Aldi’s (both in Lauderdale Lakes). I can buy about 90% of my weekly grocery needs for less than $70 - and that is to feed two adults three meals a day seven days of the week.
        Aldi’s will not be a good match if you need specific brands or organic veggies, but it has really helped my family on our limited income.

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        1. re: Mega

          Actually, everyone should be buying the canvas bags you can get for a dollar and use them every time you go shopping. I have been using them for 2 years now. You just have to remember to bring them with you at first.

          There's no doubt that these types of places serve a purpose in this economy. Every dollar counts to a lot of people.

          1. re: freakerdude

            I 2nd freakerdudes comment about the canvas bags!

            and remeber to wash them as well to prevent spread of bacteria!

          2. re: Mega

            Aren't they Trader Joe's cheaper and smaller cousin?

            1. re: OysterHo

              They are owned by the same German company as Trader Joes, but have none of the same products.
              I like both for completely different reasons.
              Trader Joes has great prepared foods, and some gourmet type options that I miss so much being in florida, I constantly receive care packages of my favorite TJ’s items from family (Just bananas, FF balsamic dressing, dark chocolate almonds with fleur de sel) while aldis is better for the staples (canned vegis, beans etc) and brand name sales they often have, (picked up some Ghiradelli brownie mix last week)
              This might be a good nitch for them in delray though… will be interesting to see how they do.

          3. Any updates about the opening of the Delray Aldi's? I will be in Delray Beach in a couple of weeks and I am hoping it might be open by then.

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            1. re: Disneyfreak

              The sign is up at the entrance to the plaza with an Opening Soon sticker on it.

              1. I finally got to Aldi today, as others have said above it's cheap non branded stuff for the most part. Their brand butter $2.49 lb, milk and half and half very cheap too, seems like a good place for toilet paper and other paper goods and cans of beans and peas at around 50c each. I have no idea what their branded cereals jams and other things are like and didn't want to try them. Wines are very very cheap. A lot of junk and party type food like chips, crackers, sodas, frozen apps.

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                1. re: smartie

                  Their jams (Berryhill brand) are actually quite good. I like the mango spread a lot... I've tried some of the cereal and most were good also, I like the flax & pumpkin seed variety, but I tried some kind of "fiber flakes" that was pretty hard to distinguish from cardboard.

                  I've bought a few bottles of their wine, but they all gave me a major headache. The Winking Owl brand is so cheap it scares me, I didn't try it. The two types of beer they offer are just ok, but I wouldn't buy those again either.

                  1. re: Semprini

                    I noticed a lot of their goods are made in China which I always look for and refuse to buy wherever possible and certainly don't knowingly buy Chinese produced foodstuffs. I know it's hard to avoid but when the can or package says made in China I put it back on the shelf.