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Jul 2, 2011 08:31 PM

Naples Pizza on Whidbey Island

Who would have thought it? In Coupeville?

Chef Mark spent the last year+ in Naples under the careful tutelage of THE premier pizza chef in Naples and then brought it home to Coupeville.

My first dish was the Ciao Bella, a real bread/crust red sauce pizza with hand made mozzarella, pancetta, pepperoncinni and procutto; genuine bites of heaven that go from making you wonder if you could eat it all to wondering where it all went! Good balance of herb and a little bit of spice into the wood fired oven then topped with arugula, no frills, just great honest food. Such a delicious break from what we usually settle for in pizza!

The menu is a good mix of red or white sauce pizza and other genuine Italian dishes, much of which feature local farm to market veg, and seafood from the bounty surrounding our island.

Two stories of dining and a balcony overlooking old town Coupeville and Penn Cove offer a warm and friendly ambiance. No pretense, and none necessary.

Friendly and attentive service, and a table-side visit from the chef and his manager assured us of the friendly atmosphere and the attention not only to detail of the food, but to an understanding of the food.

I find myself excited in anticipation of our next visit!

Welcome to Coupeville!

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  1. Yes, we Coupevillans are thrilled with Ciao!

    btw: Mark built his own lava brick oven with material he brought back with him from Napoli.

    1. Hi all, I'm on BC/Vancouver Board, and am looking to coming down to Whidbey/Coupeville in about two weeks, part of which will hopefully include some good eats for the fam. We'll actually be stopping for one night near Ft. Casey after returning from southcentral WA, then Olympia.

      Looking forward to a meal at Ciao. The Napoletana pizza craze has also invaded Vancouver in the past 6-9 months or so.

      1. Just came back from a trip to Whidbey Island. We ordered a pizza to split and the mussels. Pizza was pretty good -- crust was great, just a little soggy in the center. The mussels were terrible. Most were cracked or closed, and none of them were cleaned well. The staff was very friendly though, so I would probably go again, but I'd stick to pizza.