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Jul 2, 2011 07:01 PM

ATL food trip recommendations

hey all, looking to cruise to the ATL with my brother to try out some "ATL cuisine". Looking to get recommendations for the BEST places to eat. We'll be in town for 2-3 days so I'd like to hear what your opinions are for the best spots. I'm in the food industry and am in the process of opening my own spot (Texas), and I have a few days to checkout ATL. It doesn't have to be fine dining (most of my work experience is fine dining); looking for outstanding food and great atmosphere. A variety of fine dining, casual, and hidden gems would be awesome.
Also any microbreweries worth visiting would be great.

Thanx guys, look forward to hearing from y'all...


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  1. common question--do a search for many threads.The best is Baccahnalia--i like Aria (my fav) and Priccis best ossubucco. For an excellent meat house, i luv McKendricks it doesnt get the popularity crowd since its outside the i town folks purview. Bones is very good but with all my 3 million miles of travelling/eating its the best Ive been to for what it does.If you go ask for Taco as your waiter.
    If you want hole in the wall, try Gu's Bistroits an incredible szechuan place open since Jan--been once a week and its always outstanding--no liquor licens yet, so bring your own--good luck

    500 Pharr Road, Atlanta, GA 30305

    1. Best BBQ around and caters to a variety of clientele. Steady stream of customers but one of those places you have to be TOLD about. Exceptional brunswick stew, and when we're in the mood for really good bbq, we'll travel the 15-20 miles to eat here. Don't mean to be disrespectful, but it IS one of those "hole in the wall places".

      Old Brick Pit Barbeque
      4805 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA 30341

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        I'll admit I've driven past that place lots of times and haven't tried it. Maybe it is as good as you say, but I tend to be suspicious of one-time posters.

        OP's question is pretty open ended. There's lots of info for similar questions that you can search and find.

        Quick thoughts- Bocado, Holeman & Finch, Local Three, Leon's Full Service, The Brick Store, H Harper Station, Sound Table, Social, Farm Burger, The Porter Pub

        Q- Community Q, Fox Brothers, Sam's BBQ-1, Heirloom Market

        Breweries- Sweetwater and Atlanta Brewing both do tours. For brewpubs, there's the brand new Wrecking Bar, 5 Seasons (Westside across from Bocado and next to Hop City), and Twain's

        I'm sure I'm forgetting notable stuff, but that's the quick-and-dirty version.