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Jul 2, 2011 03:32 PM

Where to find halva downtown?

Help! I got completely addicted to the halva they used to stock at Chris's in St. Lawrence Market. It was Greek and came in giant slabs, from which they'd cut off slices. They've stopped selling it, and I haven't found any other sources in the market. (Domino's stocks a couple pre-packaged varieties that aren't very good.)

Anyone know where I can find good halva downtown or midtown? (Say St Clair and south, from Parliament to Roncesvalles.) Thanks!

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  1. Don't know about downtown but on the danforth there are tons of places. Specifically sun valley, or many of the bakeries like select, sera no or don lands bakery

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    1. re: cynthias

      look for Persian or Turkish grocery stores. that's the only advice i can give.
      i end up buying it (sadly) in the suburbs or at Longos (so the Maple Leaf Square store will have some)

      Maple Leaf Restaurant
      1076 Cardiff Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5S1P3, CA

      1. re: atomeyes

        They've got a good selection of halva at Global Cheese in Kensington Market.

    2. If you are willing to go a bit further north to Davisville (it is on Balliol, just next to the Sobeys), there is a little store that sells halva amongst other Middle Eastern goodies: