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Jul 2, 2011 02:11 PM

Help! Tomatoes got put in the fridge by mistake

I realized a few minutes ago that the tomatoes, I bought yesterday, got put in the fridge. I'm so mad at myself. I always keep tomatoes on the counter and out of the fridge. If I put these on the counter instead of back in the fridge, are they going to have that bad texture and no taste? Thanks.

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  1. the texture wont have degraded yet.

    1. Texture should be fine still. Taste will be just a little bit dulled once you let em return to room temp.

      1. You can always use them for cooking. For raw, it depends on how cold the spot in the fridge was. If it was low 40sF, they won't be as affected if it was mid-30sF.

        1. My experience has been that the acid balance will restore itself, leaving the flavor mostly intact. As for texture, you'll have to cut one and find out. If it's gone mealy, it won't ever be right again and you'll have to use them for cooking as Karl S has suggested. Good luck.

          1. Of course, it will also depend on how good the tomatoes were when you bought them. If you'd already tasted one then you will be able to see the difference, if any.