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Jul 2, 2011 02:00 PM

Casual dinner in Glendale

We have a date for next week to meet a cousin and his wife for dinner, and Glendale would make a great half-way point. We're looking for casual, not too noisy, and preferably not in one of the malls. Wine/beer a must.

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    1. How about Palate? Good small plates and a terrific wine selection.

      1. Damon's on Brand.
        Prime Rib, Steaks, and an old school tiki theme.

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        1. re: cls

          Damon's is fun, the food ranges from adequate to really good, and they have an excellent if old-school bar. And at least half the wait staff is older than most of the customers!

          Dish is actually up in La CaƱada-Flintridge, and though I've tried to like it a lot I've never felt like they were making the same effort. Food's good, though not as good as they think it is.

          Haven't been to palate yet. But given the choice for a casual get-together, I'd definitely go for Damon's. Get a real grown-up cocktail and the top sirloin.

        2. Love Palate! Happily second that. Not cheap but worth it.

          Haven't been to Damons in a while but it is fun. I'm not a huge red meat gal, so it's not at the top of my list.

          I'd also say, don't ignore Sedthee thai on Brand - surprisingly good wine choices to go with their food and killer cocktails. And you don't have to get thai food, they have other choices - my husband was stunned at how good their lamb chops were. Perfectly cooked and seasoned.

          And at Fortune Inn on Broadway they actually mix a mean martini.

          Fortune Inn
          117 E Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205

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          1. re: happybaker

            IMO, Palate meets neither the casual or not too loud criteria.
            That said, I have only eaten at the bar.

          2. Clancey's Crab Broiler for decent seafood, Damon's for old school steak, Gaucho VIllage to eat too much food, Tam O'Shanter Inn isn't too far away.