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Bacon Jam

Saw a blog about Bacon Jam and it sounded so good I just had to make it. Has anyone ever made it? I have it on the stove right now and it smells amazing. My DH thinks I am crazy, though.
What I was wondering is what are your favorite uses for it? I was thinking of trying it on some grilled cheese today.

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  1. Sounds interesting, I'd also love to hear some uses for this!

    1. I love it on eggs, sandwiches, stirred into sour cream for a tasty dip, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, etc. The version I make is quite savory, though - if yours is sweeter, you might try it on french toast, pancakes, etc.

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        I make bacon gravy, similar to sausage gravy, but I haven't made bacon jam. Sounds interesting.

        1. A bit of a late query to this question but I've just bought a joint of gammon and wondered if I could subtitute this (in slivers, grilled or even smoked) for the bacon - any thoughts??

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            It turns out that you CAN use gammon. And very tasty it was too :)

            1. i use it to make hot bacon dressing for spinach salads

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                  Thanks for sharing! I had an appetizer this week at Empire State South (Atlanta) that was a jar with pimento cheese on the bottom half and bacon jam on the top half. OMG we just about licked the jar clean! Have to make some of this for myself now!

              1. I recently made bacon jam - very yummy, but finding that there are limited uses for it... best to make a batch, keep a jar for yourself and give the rest as gifts -

                I did make something quite awesome with it though.... Ravioli - I made one large ravioli with seasoned ricotta, and egg yolk and a dollop of bacon jam - boiled till cooked but the egg yolk runny,
                then into browned butter.... heart attack!!! But worth it!

                1. I made some several months back and it keeps well. I hjave used it as a topping onboneless baked chicken breasts - spread on for the last 15-20 mins. Also some on a bit of Brie is quite good, especially if the brie is melted in the oven to a runny stage.

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                    I made a batch of bacon jam a year ago and while everyone loved the taste, nobody wanted to eat more than a little bit. All claimed that it was so rich that they would not eat it regularly. I had to agree. Not something I'd use more than once in a blue moon.

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                      I can guarantee it would taste good on a blue moon or even on a blue corn tortilla, lightly fried with lettuce and tomato.

                      I use it on my BLT pizza just go light on the cheeses you might add otherwise.