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Jul 2, 2011 10:53 AM

Help me make a sauce.

It's for poached salmon, and will have to sit around on a buffet table. Start with sour cream, maybe (o should I have gotten creme fraiche?) plus dill plus capers? tarragon? lemon zest? wine? chives? What would you put in a sauce for poached salmon?

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  1. I prefer creme fraiche, but sour cream is pretty darn good. To that I would add some lemon juice, zest, chives, dill and the capers. Or, you could switch to a classic mustard sauce. My favorite version is from the New New York Times cookbook, Claiborne. Running out the door to Davis Square right now, but can post later if you want.

    If this is to serve a group, might be nice to have a bit of each.

    1. I also think two would be nice. Maybe a sour cream, dill, capers and then a second that uses some mayo too and has mustard in it. Lemon for all.

      1. I only have the Old New York Times Claiborne, but I'll take a look to see what it says about a mustard sauce. I would be grateful for the New version, thanks.

        Yes, I think I'll do the two sauces, and decorate the platter of fillets with flowers from my garden and the ends of grape vines.

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          Oh in that case, search in The New York Times Cookbook for "Marianne Lipsky's mustard sauce" which is contained in his gravlax recipe. I omit the cognac for poached salmon though. Takes over too much.

        2. For any kind of salmon I usually make a homemade mayo, then pound a couple of garlic cloves and some fresh basil leaves with a pinch of salt in a mortar, stirring the resulting paste into the mayo.