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Dip for smoked shrimp

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I'm making some smoked shrimp for an appetizer tonight and I'm trying to figure out what kind of dip to serve with them. They'll be tossed with a spicy-ish BBQ rub, olive oil and garlic before smoking and served hot/warm. Ideas please!

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  1. Remolaude would be good. Or a spicy cocktail sauce using the same flavors as your rub.

    1. Could you share your recipe? That sounds really good. I might try something like a chipotle creme fraiche for a dip.

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        It's not an exact recipe. I peel the shrimp (makes for easier eating - and leaves more of the seasoning in the shrimp) and sprinkle with the following rub (plus a drizzle of olive oil and some crushed garlic):
        1 tbsp. sugar
        1 tbsp. paprika (smoked if you like)
        1/2 tbsp. salt
        1/2 tbsp. cumin
        1/2 tbsp. black pepper
        1/2 tbsp. cayenne
        Most of the time I mix up at least a quadruple recipe of the rub so it's on hand to use on ribs, pork shoulder or chicken.

        Sprinkle the shrimp with the seasonings about an hour ahead. Then I arrange them on a perforated tray and smoke just until they're opaque. Addictive.

        I think I'm going to go with a remoulade of some sort. But your chipotle idea is interesting - maybe with sour cream, mayo, cilantro and green onion...hmmmm

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          Thanks--I can fool around w/ the proportions, too, but that sounds great. Might be a nice change for the 4th.

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            I'm thinking you might not want to cover up your lovely smoky/spicy shrimp flavor with a heavy remoulade or chipolte sauce.... How about a delicately seasoned creamy dip like an aioli or sour cream/creme fraiche with a bit of lemon?
            I will have to try this.... sounds delish.

            1. re: PamelaD

              I just made the dip - some chopped chives, chopped cilantro and a teensy bit of chipotle mixed into mostly mayo thinned with a bit of plain yogurt (didn't have sour cream). it's not at all overwhelming. Should be good with the shrimp.

        2. I would make a Louie dressing with lots of fresh lime juice added...small Mexican limes if you can find them.

          1. How about a simple Mayo and Siracha dip?

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              You know, that would have been perfect. But it was good anyway - mayo, yogurt, chives, cilantro, chipotles (canned). But sriracha would have been easier and just as good. Anyway the shrimp were devoured - so whatever.

            2. I personally prefer the mayo/mustard based white sauce that Joe's Stone Crab serves with it's claws down in Miami. Yum.


              Delicate flavor that doesn't cover up the shellfish essence. If feeling different, I often substitute good dijon mustard for the dry or brown type.

              Here's some other sauces they use as well...

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                I agree, jjjrfoodie. I just don't care for a spicy sauce with shrimp. The delicate flavor of the shrimp should not be disguised. I also do the mayo/mustard sauce as well as a Louie sauce with lime. Maybe the whole thing is regional. Yet, I'm from CA.