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ISO Pearl Hot Dogs

I've eaten them at Speeds and elsewhere, but though I've heard their available in supermarkets, I've never seen them on sale anywhere. Where do I find 'em?

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  1. I'm pretty sure Roche Bros. has them.Shaw's too.

      1. I purchase them every week at the Roche Bros in Burlington. The big ones are in the deli area, and the small ones are with the other hot dog brands.

        1. Market Basket Somerville carries them. Top shelf of dogs, all the way to the left.

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            You can also buy them by the pound at the deli counter

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              Seriously? Thanks for the tip. It will help me out going forward.

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                Yeah the retail box is enormous! Better to buy just as many as you need.

          2. Stop and Shop everywhere, Russo's, The Meat Store in Brookline...
            my favorite tube steak.

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              I've looked in several Stop & Shops and never seen them. But I haven't checked out Market Basket. I'm on my way!

            2. Bj's Wholesale has them in packages. There are eight jumbo hot dogs in a package.

              1. Speed's is no longer using Pearl hot dogs. They're having a custom dog made for them in Connecticut, and supplied only to them by their Newmarket neighbors the Boston Brisket Company. See the comment by Speed's chef/operator Greg Gale on this thread: http://www.bostonzest.com/2009/11/bos... .

                1. I get the 2 pound pack at BJ's for $8. It's 8 of the quarter pound dogs

                  1. 10 bucks for the enormo bag of Kountry Klubs at Restaurant Depot.

                    1. McKinnon's in Davis Square has them. They're in the deli area.

                      1. At least some of the Shaw's carry the 1/4 lb Pearl Kountry Klubs, but they are not in the hot dog case, you have to get them from the deli counter. Great dogs!

                        My local Shaw's (Packard's Corner in Allston) nearly always has them but I've had mixed luck at others.