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Jul 2, 2011 08:38 AM

Steak 954 at the W

A friend was in town visiting and staying at the W so we ate at Steak 954 in the hotel.

First impressions, snobby, pretentious, unwelcoming. They couldn't find her reservation so made us wait by the jellyfish which is a narrow corridor with lots of people walking back and forth and us being constantly jostled. We were taken to a table in a small room and she asked to be moved to the main restaurant so we were put back in the jellyfish corridor for another few minutes until we were shown to the main dining room which was half empty and remained that way all evening.

Server was annoyingly cloying with the usual specials speil and 'good choice' exclamations. Our order took up to 30 minutes to arrive, wine was expensive at $12 and up for a glass, cocktails around $14. Steaks start at about $45 plus sides at $9 (all sides pretty small considering the price especially mashed potatoes - come on a small spoonful each for 4 of us for 9 bucks?).

A very pricey steakhouse. No sauces offered, one measly roll each, with 2 tiny pats of butter for 4. Save your money and go to Capital Grille which although is also expensive is better value.

Final impressions, snobby, pretentious and unwelcoming.

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  1. And, we found the food to not be very good. A steak house should not over cook two steaks!

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      We have eaten there twice and our expierences were very different from yours.

      We were seated as soon as we arrived and enjoyed our dinners both times. I had fish both times and it was fresh and cooked perfectly. Their sides served our table of 4 and we thought they were great. Their fries are particularly good, as are the mushrooms. The men had steaks and raved, they liked them better than Capitol Grill and Mortons.

      I think you just hit it on a bad night, as we have friends that eat there quite often and say it is always good.