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Jul 1, 2011 09:23 PM

Dim Sum Suggestions

Hi all,

We're celebrating 4th of July with a little dim sum (always traditional) and wanted some suggestions. We've tried China Maxx, Emerald, Pearl and Jasmine, any others anyone would suggest? If not, which of these is a favorite? Thank you.

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  1. none of the dim sum in San Diego is remotely impressive.

    Drive up to LA and go to Elite or Seafood Harbor...

    1. You have pretty much run the table on dim sum in San Diego with the four places you mention. Dim sum tends to be erratic even in the better places we have patronized over the years. The dim sum bar in San Diego is pretty low so when they stray the results can be dismal. Jasmine is probably the least consistent and appears to be catering more and more to the tourist trade. Emerald offers a classic dim sum lunch based on Chinese ladies who are often unable to describe the dishes in English pushing carts of dim sum erratically around the restaurant. China Max has actually become our go-to restaurant for dim sum because they provide a dim sum menu (with photos of each dish) and an order slip for you to fill out yourself. The dishes are cooked to order and come to you hot as opposed to soggy as in some of the push-cart places. Their spicy fried calamari are excellent. They do most of the cantonese classic dim sums. I like the sticky rice in lotus leaf. My wife is partial to the egg custard tarts.

      China Max Restaurant
      4698 Convoy St Ste 101, San Diego, CA 92111

      1. Used to go to Jasmine, but only frequent Pearl now.

        1. drive to the San Gabriel Valley and go to Mission 261 or King Hua.