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Jul 1, 2011 08:10 PM

Food Network Channel

Does anyone still watch this channel besides me? I myself find it boring. The cooks that I think are the best such as Ina Garten haven't made any new programs for years. I am also disapointed that they never seem to diversify. I was so happy when they added Mexican Food For Real with Marcella Valliladad. She is authentic and fun to watch. But have you ever wondered why they have never featured any real asian food programs. I would love to see authentic Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese shows because I would love to be able to prepare them almost as well as they do in the restaurants. When they have the next Food Network Star series, they always seem to gravitate towards the same type of people that cook exactly like what they already have showing It was refreshing the last time when they crowned Aarti the beautiful Indian cook as the new star. She didn't seem to last long though. And how many Italian programs do they need. Granted, Michael Chiarello and Giada are excellent cooks but there again, nothing really new. Just wondering what people think or do they ever think about the programming on this channel?

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  1. Neta, your original post will probably end up in the Food Media and News board, but in the meantime, you might find this thread of interest:

    You're not alone in the feeling that Food Network is losing its luster. :)

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      and this one:

      or just click on pretty much any thread about any show on FN and you'll find comments about how the show sucks, or the host sucks, or the entire network sucks. personally i think instead of continuing to re-hash the same discussions bashing the network and everything related to it here on CH, it would be far easier to just change the channel...

    2. Ina has had new episodes every year, they tend to come out around beginning of the year. Aarti is on her 3rd set of shows and has not been cancelled.