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Mar 6, 2006 10:40 PM

Chili Dogs in OC

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Where can I get primo chili dogs in OC? Help!

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    This is a start.

    Jerry’s Dogs
    2276 E. 17th Street (17th St. At Tustin Ave. Near the 57 Fwy)
    Santa Ana
    (714) 245-0200

    Pacific Coast Hot dog
    300 Pacific Coast Highway
    Huntington Beach, CA 92648
    (714) 969-8799

    Pacific Coast Hot dog
    3438 E. Chapman Ave.
    Orange, CA 92869
    (714) 744-1415

    Hollingshead's Delicatessen (Dogs only on Sat 11:00am to 3:00pm, Sandwiches only Monday through Friday. Try “The Bernie” – hot pastrami on squaw with blue cheese and mayo
    )368 S Main St
    Orange, CA 92868-3834
    (714) 978-9467
    (Staples/Duke's Burgers parking lot. Hard to find as it is tucked up in a corner
    )Original post by oc climber

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    1. re: Like-Go-Eat?

      No chili at Hollingshead's, sorry. Only traditional Chicago style here.

      Tommy's does a mean chili dog.

      1. re: oc climber
        Reality Check

        How is the beer at Hollingshead's? What other sandwiches are good there?

        1. re: Reality Check

          Outside of High Times, Hollingshead's has the best beer selection, both on tap and bottled, in OC bar none.

          The 15 taps change regularly and are rarely the same. Some of the west coast's best brewers will send reserve stock of 5 gal kegs to the 'Heads simply because there is a solid beer following there.

          Here is the current tap list:

          The sandwiches are over priced and typical midwestern fare. Ham salad, liverwurst, roast beef... all very good (I like the Craig or the Diablo myself), but check out more here:

          Saturdays they serve dogs only from noon to three PM. It gets crazy crowded, so get there early.

          1. re: oc climber

            been here a bunch of times, sandwiches are good and yes overpriced, whoever heard of roast beef sandiwch with like a 1/4 pound of beef and blue on regular toast for 14 bucks, no drink no side included. but the dogs are good too, no chili (the above person is correct), yet still good dogs and last time i checked they were about 4 bucks for each dog that you load up with all the fixin's and stuff.

            1. re: kevin
              Reality Check

              Female friend and I went there for lunch today. We split a Hero and a corned beef sandwich. Sandwiches weren't anything special. You really don't get much for what you pay. Paper thin slice, not slices, of meat on the hero. But the french roll and squaw bread were very good.

              1. re: Reality Check

                squaw bread in something of an OC tradition of sorts. haven't really seen it in any LA really, but here's a piece of advice, around the corner in the next door mini-mall is a place called. Mr. Pickle Deli only open during lunch and they serve pretty good sandiwches like turkey and avocado for about 4 bucks or less, and their fries (sort of like twice-fried) are good too. much cheaper than hollingshead's, but no beers, but still good sandwiches, that are much cheaper and also

                1. re: kevin
                  Reality Check

                  Funny you mention Pickles. I went to Pickles, thinking it was Hollingshead's, then walked around the corner to Hollingshead's.

                  If the hot dogs aren't good on Sat. I can always get a sandwich at Pickles.

                  1. re: Reality Check

                    I have not been to Pickles and unable to find a address. I have been to Ralph’s a number of times and find it to be good myself (oc climber made the rec). The "large" is very large with Fresh bread that has a good chew. Fresh guacamoleis spread on the bread before anything else and then the meat. They put pickles, tomatos and onion on top. I like your post so maybe sometime give them a try and report back what you think of both.

                    Ralph's Subs (Try "The Big Pig” and "Ralph's Favorite”) Original post by oc climber
                    1891 N. Tustin Av
                    Orange, CA
                    (Tustin and Taft in the new Home Depot center)
                    (714) 998-1940

      2. re: Like-Go-Eat?

        Pacific Coast Dogs on Coast Highway and East Coast Dogs on Beach Blvd -- save your appetite for a good chili dog.

        1. re: waltfarley

          someone said east coast dogs has closed????

          1. re: kevin

            Yes, the one on Beach Blvd. in Huntington Beach closed over a year ago.

      3. The Hat in Lake Forest.

        1. Portillos on La Palma near Beach Blvd (& Knotts Berry Farm)in Buena Park serves up a pretty tasty chili dog, among many other things on their menu. Eat it there for a taste of Chicago...

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          1. re: Rich
            Secret Asian Man

            Great list, guys!

            I'll check it out!



            1. re: Secret Asian Man

              Just got back from Chicago and ate Portillo's there... I saw on their sign that they have one here. The chili dog out there was pretty darn good so hopefully its the same here.