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Mar 6, 2006 10:06 PM

Vegetarian Ramen in L.A.?

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I have seen a bunch of ramen threads, including a recent one. Yet as a vegetarian, I am wondering, will there be anything there for me? With all due respect to the purists, does anyone have recommendations for a ramen house in L.A. with a vegetarian option? Does such a thing exist? I am willing to drive, but I would prefer something to the east of hollywood. Thanks for any recommendations.

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  1. Mr. Ramen:341 1/2 E 1st St, Little Tokyo. They use a vegetable broth but I really didn't like this restaurant much.

    Also, the Ajisen Ramen chain has a vegetarian option but I am not sure if their broth is meat/fish based.

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      Mr. Ramen will substitute vegetarian broth for the pork-based one in any of their soups. But don't get the "vegetable" Ramen -- it's boring. Get the "curry" Ramen instead.

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        I know I'm way late on the followup here, but just for the "archives" my understanding is that none of Ajisen's broths are vegetarian, but they do have a vegetarian noodle dish that (AFAICT) is vegetarian and probably vegan (no egg in the noodle). Your milage may vary.

      2. chabuya (on sawtelle) has a veg ramen either on their menu already or in the works.

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          I went to Chabuya last night and they didn't have any vegetarian ramen. the only vegetarian items they had on the menu are edamame, a side salad, and a ramen salad that they can make vegetarian.

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          Ramenya makes a clear broth that is vegetarian. I went to Chabuya twice and the first time they didn't have the vegatable ramen made. I prefer Ramenya once I did finally eat Chabuya. Ramenya is on Olympic just west of Sawtelle.

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            I went to Ramenya yesterday and they said all their soups are made with chicken broth.

          2. How Do You make An All Vegetarian Ramen???!!! So SOLLY.......

            1. kansai in pasadena makes a mushroom-based broth that is really tasy. they have udon and soba. my old boss actually liked the mushroom broth better than the one she had.