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Jul 1, 2011 06:51 PM

Costco food finds - 3rd quarter 2011 [old]

Rebooting for July-September. Since different stores have differing inventory, please mention your store location.

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  1. The peaches and blueberries are excellent right now, Nashua Costco.

    1. Yesterday in Dedham MA they had samples of a new tropical fruit salad that is to die for IMHO.

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      1. how fishy is that nong shim udon? (household member allergic to fish, possibly due to metals... if there's just a little, it may be okay...)

        1. Kirkland all-beef dinner franks have been around for a few years but I kept forgetting to try them.
          I used to love the Best's brand ones that were sold at BJ's but Best's went out of business. Theirs were kosher. Kirkland is not (a non-issue for me), and IMO they are every bit as good.
          Matter of fact, this did not even dawn on me until the second time I heated one up, because my taste buds weren't experiencing anything new. I used to get a BJ guest pass and pay a surcharge just so once a year I could buy a couple of packages for the freezer. I feel like an idiot, having made those unnecessary trips, and for missing the Best's when Kirkland was under my nose.

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          1. re: greygarious

            Those are the same ones they serve at their food court, they're excellent.

            1. re: treb

              I thought the one I bought at the concession stand tasted bland and mushy. But steamed dogs often taste that way

              1. re: Dax

                Nope, not the steaming. I bought some, grilled em, bland and mushy. The only Kirkland Signature product I've tried and didn't like.
                I miss Best.
                Damn you, Sara Lee.

                1. re: Dax

                  Never really had a mushy dog at Costco or ever, usually they go the other way, rubbery from living in hot water all day long.

            2. Danvers, Ma., store. They were sampling MorningStar's Black Bean Chipotle Burger. I bought a box, because the sample tasted so good. And I figure they would be good for a meatless night. 0Trans Fat. I think there were 14.99, sorry but I threw out my receipt.

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              1. re: mcel215

                I also vouch for these. I like them best sans bun, with guacamole and sliced tomato on top.

                1. re: artemis

                  Agreed, this is one of the first times a sample actually got me to buy something. We grilled some of those for dinner last night along with grilled onions.

                  Actually based on the samples, it was a tough decision between those and the chicken andouille (forgot the name) which were also good. We remedied that by grabbing the andouille this weekend!

                  1. re: Dax

                    I love to stock up on these when they are on coupon!

                2. re: mcel215

                  These had great flavor, I believe the price you state is correct.

                  1. re: treb

                    Thanks treb. It's either 13.99 or 14.99 per box. But, either way a great price. :)

                    1. re: mcel215

                      Do you recall what the count was in the box?

                        1. re: ferret

                          Thanks, I just found them on the costo site too. My only issue with them is they squish out of the bun when I bite into them. But I like them a lot so far.

                          1. re: Dax

                            Mine stayed fine, Dax, lol! ;)

                  2. re: mcel215

                    Is this the spicy one from Morningstar? If so, they're excellent, and even made a meatless convert out of Mr Pine.

                    1. re: pine time

                      Yes, it's Morningstar. And the burger's are huge too.