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Jul 1, 2011 05:43 PM

What to eat on the way to Bryce Canyon?

W'e're taking a day trip to the Grand Canyon and looking for some suggestions for something to eat.
Only dislike is seafood.

Thanks C.hounders!


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  1. ??? The title says Bryce Canyon; your text says Grand Canyon.

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    1. re: Larry

      Oops! Too many discussions of day trips :)
      We're going to Bryce Canyon.

      Any chow finds?

      1. re: wookert

        Where are you going from? Anyway, here's my tip. World's best blueberry pie. They also make a rhubarb-berry pie that is supposed to be wonderful; haven't tried it. I can describe the place but don't know the name, so here goes: on the highway that leads to Bryce (12?) just about three or four miles west of the turnoff or "before" the turnoff if you are coming from anywhere other than eastern Utah there is a hotel/restaurant/bakery/gas station complex on the right hand side of the road as you are traveling east. Look for a big sign that says "Bakery" and "Tourist Information" and a big plastic horse under the sign. A BIG horse; maybe 15 feet high. Can't miss that horse. Anyway, that bakery is wonderful. Good pastries but also the world's best blueberry pie. There is a convenience store at the gas station and the bakery is attached to the store. I understand that they also serve the pie at the restaurant. Never ate there, but if it is half as good as the pie its worth a stop. We were last there about a year ago. Hope they are still there, because we are camping near Bryce in Kodachrome in two weeks, and the world's best blueberry pie is on the menu:-)

        1. re: janetofreno

          Update: the big plastic horse is gone, but the bakery is still there. I still can't remember the name...anyway, the directions still apply - its right on Highway 12 and the first thing you see is a HUGE sign that says bakery. And a further tip: the bakery is in the convenience store/gas station, and the motel and restaurant are across the parking lot. Should you arrive late in the day and find the bakery is out of pies, as we did, do not despair. They take over any pies that are left at around 4pm to the restaurant to sell. We arrived at 6:30 Sunday pm and there was only a half blueberry pie left, which seemed too little. So we ended up getting what is actually their signature pie, a "Mountain Berry Pie" The name may be a little misleading: its actually a mixture of several berries (loganberry, blackberry, and blueberry) and rhubarb. OK, so we'll call it the "World's Best Mountain Berry/Rhubarb Pie" Still worth a stop:-)

          1. re: janetofreno

            Somehow the name Foster's just came to me....

            1. re: janetofreno

              We didn't actually go there, but saw the place and took a photo, which is attached. It is in fact next to the Fosters Motel.

    2. If you get as far as Boulder UT, Hell's Backbone Cafe is the best.