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Jul 1, 2011 04:47 PM

Morty's Deli?

I need decent deli sandwiches (pastrami, mostly) delivered to Russian Hill, if such a thing exists. I found this place in Civic Center / Tenderloin area online and they seemed to do reasonably well with online reviews. Just wondering if anyone here has tried their food. Thanks!

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  1. Morty's' mentions.

    Ignore the link that matched rigor mortis to Morty's. Algorithm needs adjustment.

    1. I think Morty's is a cut above, and would not hesitate to order food from them. They use very fresh ingredients, and have a real focus on flavor (it seems to me). I don't live or work close by, so don't get there very often, but I am always satisfied with Morty's when I do. I also think that the cost/quality ratio is quite good here.

      1. Miller's East Coast Deli is close to you on Polk St. ...they do's a link......

        Refreshingly Unhip: SF's Old School Pastrami Sandwiches

        MILLER'S EAST COAST DELI, pictured above. (Polk Gulch
        )1725 Polk St., 415-563-3542

        A place with plenty of East Coast pride and quite the cult following, their gigantic menu boasts that they serve the best pastrami on the West Coast. It was, in fact, the best of the bunch.

        Miller's East Coast Deli
        1725 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

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        1. re: ChowFun_derek

          Walked by this week and noticed Miller's has thin crust pizza. Have you tried?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            No,,,I haven't been there for a while...not too easy to get to from my 'hood......I wonder if it has that NY aroma?

          2. re: ChowFun_derek

            Thanks. I got lunch from there last week and enjoyed it. I did not know that they deliver.

          3. i love morty's but for pastrami i woiuld check out deli board

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            1. re: vulber

              Is it better than Wise Sons's? Tasted a piece of WS pastrami a couple weeks ago and it was amazing - unctuous and the only thing I've ever tried that comes close to Katz's.

              Morty's pastrami is pretty typical deli stuff from a distributor, I think. Reasonably tasty but not special. Are the other meats more spectacular?

            2. I ate at Morty's probably once a week for 3 years of law school - it's good food. The owner also does a lot to support the Tenderloin community, and has several (perfectly nice) ex-cons working for him.

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              1. re: artemis

                My ex went to Hastings but I don't think she ever ate there; good to know that the owner tries to help the community.