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Jul 1, 2011 04:47 PM

The New Wave of Portland Pizza

...or something like that... There was a spate of new, small pizza joints that seemed to spring up all about the same time, mostly carts, that I feel the need to check out soon.

Here's the ones I remember:

- Girasole
- Pizza Depokos
- Pyro Pizza

Any others? I've already hit Wy'East, which falls into the same bucket, and Al Forno Ferruzza, which sort of does. I seem to recall a couple that were located downtown but the names are escaping me...

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  1. Those places all opened different years, so I don't know if they qualify as a "spate". Pizza places open all the time pretty consistently. There have been quite a few that have opened since those ones.

    The only pizza downtown is the Give Pizza a Chance cart (which is same people as Pyro, but by the slice), a Pizzicato, a Schmizza or two, Pazzo, Rovente, Hot Lips, and uh, late night at Dante's.

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    1. re: chalmers

      The founding owner of Pyro and Give Pizza a Chance sold Give Pizza. But the pizza is still good.

      1. re: Leonardo

        Yes, it was certainly Give Pizza a Chance that I was thinking of but couldn't recall.

      2. re: chalmers

        Downtownish will also soon be Sizzle Pie in the old Rocco's space across from Powell's. they have a place on E. Burnside, this will be their second location.

        There is also Lonesome's, which is pick-up and delivery only. haven't had it myself but I like their concept of pizza and art.

        1. re: chalmers

          Since you chose to nitpick my use of the word "spate":

          Girasole's blog documents their opening weekend in May 2010.
          Depokos' blog has them opening in November 2009.
          Pyro's own website is not responding, but a listing as well as the oldest Yelp review also dates to November 2009.

          I think three joints in seven months qualifies as a "spate"... :)