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New Food Network Show: Extreme Chef

Did anyone else see it I thought it was horrible

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  1. It's Chopped meets Junkyard Wars!

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    1. re: paulj

      The one thing I liked in the episode was when the French chef said "the hair didn't come from my moustache" with a slight grin as far as I remember.. it got me thinking where it came from lol

      1. re: kpaxonite

        I paid more attention to the ghost town episode than the suburban one.

      2. re: paulj

        I was wrong, Monster Kitchen is the Junkyard Wars of cooking! Looks entertaining - if you are something of a geek.

        1. re: paulj

          And a participant geek's point of view on the monster donut episode

      3. The promo was so ridiculous that I'll never bother to watch.

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        1. re: laurachow

          Hear, hear, laurachow. I had exactly the same reaction.

        2. I think this is the first time I ever cancelled a series from taping after just the first episode. Really silly stuff.

          1. So stupid- he contestants have to pull a bag of already-killed rattlesnake out of a crate filled with various pythons that were no doubt well-fed and confused by being in a big crate. That turned me off by being borderline cruel to animals. fifteen minutes later I was grossed out by the dishes the 'chefs' had made from rattlesnake, which is very delicate and should be done in an appetizer like fried calamari. The whole thing was horribly heavy-handed and ridiculous and banking on the fact that not a lot of people have eaten rattlesnake. Oh hells, it's on again now. Gotta change channels.

            1. It has to be the stupidest thing the Food Network has come up with in a long time. Why not put them at the wrong end of a firing range and see how that works out.

              1. I will not watch. The Food Network has totally and completely turned it's back on it's original fan base...it upsets me to no end. In just a few short years they have gone from being the only channel I ever watched to the one I hate the most.

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                1. re: LiveRock

                  While there are still some shows I enjoy watching, most of the shows have become reality TV junk. What happened to teaching how to cook? i still like Bobby Flay and Paula Dean. But mostly, I don't learn much from the channel anymore.

                  1. re: xena1441

                    The cooking shows are during the daytime, when 'real cooks' are taking a break from baking bread and scrubbing the kitchen floor. :)

                    1. re: paulj

                      Hee, paulj. We workin' folk don't have to actually cook or anything, we just eat at diners, drive-ins or dives.

                2. the only episode i watched was the one where they had to cook on top of a car engine and had fake rain pouring down on them.
                  stupid stupid stupid.

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                    Yeah, that's the one and only episode I taped and promptly cancelled it from my DVR line up. Drivel.

                  2. Chelsey Lately lampooned this show in her opening last night. We're not the only ones who noticed how ridiculous this is.

                    1. My first reaction was, "seriously?" I mean, why? Why why why? You can put anybody with a modicum of cooking knowledge into any amazing combination of extreme situations, and it proves only that they have the ability to run an obstacle course and then cook something. I mean, handcuff me, and make me swim through a lagoon of pirahnas with a piece of tuna in my mouth in order to get to the crate of real food, and all I've proved is that I'm foolhardy and I can stay afloat with fish in my mouth.

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                      1. re: mamachef

                        LOL great post. The trend now is combative judges. "in the 5 remaining seconds your plating suffered" umm yeah no #$%@

                        I want to see
                        Bobby Flay (who I like)
                        Aaron Sanchez (can you talk more about spice)
                        Gordon Ramsay (also like when not on American TV)
                        Jeffrey Steingarten (Bloated idiot IMO)
                        and Alex Guarnaschelli (no idea who she is but comes across as way to self important)
                        do exactly what you said and then be criticized about the plating and garnish.

                        1. re: chris2269

                          I know, right? "Hmmm....tell me why your finished plate looks as if the food was cooked on a manifold?"
                          Um.....because it WAS.

                      2. Mexican Showdown - filmed in Mexico - REALLY - so looks like the backlot at Universal Studios!!! The "mexican street" was so fake and where did they get those Mariachi players - from Maine??? I have heard better playing from the local middle school band!! Come on Food Network - the only extreme part of the episode was the first cooking course - at least meal worms, crickets and scorpions were interesting. The rest was medicore cooking at best.

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                        1. re: elkgrovefoodlover

                          It's not a FN production; the producer has done other 'extreme' shows, but this is his first cooking one.

                        2. So is it fair to be eliminated just because you won't risk life and limb to milk a cow?