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Good restaurants in New Westminster

I just moved to this neighborhood and know nothing about it.

Curious if you can recommend good restaurants. Favorites are Japanese,
Szechuan, Thai, Neapolitan-style pizza, fish & seafood...

I did a search and didn't find anything in direct response to it, so apologies if this has been covered.


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  1. and NOODLES! I love noodles! Noodles in soup, noodles with wonton in soup,

    and dumplings. Mmmm. No wonder I am now 20 lbs overweight.

    Oh Hon's.... you have become sooooo greasy unfortunately.

    1. I've heard Tamarind Hill (Malay) to be good from several sources.

      And a friend of mine likes Okonomi Sushi. But YMMV.

      1. I wonder if Andrew from Wild Rice is still planning to open a new restaurant in Westminster Quay? The whole place has been slow getting off the ground but if he was there it'd be interesting.

        Wild Rice
        117 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6B1S4, CA

        1. I grew up there and still go there quite often to visit friends and family. New West is not a great place for food. The only place I think is ok/good is Venus Pizza/Rivers Reach Pub for the pizza only (not Neapolitan). And for delivery pizza Golphi's. Hopefully, the new Quay livens the dining scene up a bit....

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            Thanks everybody, I'll let you know if I turn anything up noteworthy. I, too, look forward to the final opening at the Quay.


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              Not a restaurant exactly but the maple twist soft serve ice cream at Annie's Dairy Bar is worth a try.

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                Well if you're gonna go off the grid ;-) then I'll chime in with recommendations for Burger Burger on 6 St., or Lost In the 50's Drive-In on Edmonds (Bby).

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                  Not the Afghani place-don't ask-just DON'T.

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                    I've heard Burger Heaven is good, and on Columbia Square, The Cockney Kings for fish.


                    Burger Heaven Restaurant
                    77 Tenth St, New Westminster, BC V3M3X4, CA

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                      BH is pretty good, definitely better than your average fast food fare and IMHO better than Milestones, Cactus Club, Earls, etc. I like those independent restos that specialize in a few things anyway.

                      Cockney Kings .... haven't been for ages. I like them, but find the size of the fish pieces a bit on the chintzy side (but batter definitely better than most places). Worth a try.

          2. Aldo's is a great old school Italian restaurant in New West. They have great pizza and pastas.

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              Oh how I miss Hon's...Also had a love affair with Bella's spinach pizza with fresh garlic. But that was a few years ago.

            2. this was mentioned by another post already but I too would recommend Tamarind Hill, its a Malaysian restaurant so if you like spicy food like Thai and Szechuan you should be able to find some dishes suiting your palate.

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                try Range on Columbia, close to Braid for some good Barbeque, southern style. Annie's has gone down hill, using less maple sryup, try the new ice cream place on 6&6th, they have soft ice cream with different flavour combinations such as maple or orange in the soft ice cream, The orange and soft ice cream tasted like orangesicles of my childhood.

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                  "The orange and soft ice cream tasted like orangesicles of my childhood."

                  Ah Yes those I remember!

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                      Does anyone remember the name of the the Chinese Place across from Metro town that used to serve the best General Tso Chicken and peanut butter wontons?

                      It's been about 10 years since I ate there. But I still love dreaming about it.

                      1. re: Luna2372

                        Big Lai Palace ?

                        That name's just pure fodder for jokes, eh ?