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Jul 1, 2011 12:04 PM

Dying Pepper Plant

OK, I've become a serial murderer of pepper plants. I am persistence to get it right but we've been through three rounds of pepper plants in the last month and a half. I tilled up a plot for gardening this past spring and planted different variety of thai basil, egg-plant and tomatoes. All are doing well except for the peppers (banana peppers and Thai peppers same fate). They appeared to be thriving then wilted couple of weeks later for some strange reason (they all get a good soaking drink once a day everyday). Help! Does anyone has this problem?

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  1. too much water

    Pepper plants like the soil to dry out a bit between waterings. They're really resilient and love the dry heat. If this is in ground, I would probably hold back and water them maybe once a week.

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    1. re: Novelli

      I agree. Unless your soil is extremely porous and sandy, that's too much water.

    2. They do better for me in bottom-watered containers like Earthboxes, than in the ground. Are your peppers in full sun? Watering once a day does sound excessive.

      1. Yes, the plants are in full sun. My sister visited over the weekend. She suggested that the issue may be the condition of the soil. I neglect to mention in my earlier post that some manure and lime was added to the soil when I tilled up the garden. I didn't realize that there's a waiting period (of the whole 2-3 months) before putting the plants in the ground. Aside from the dying peppers, others seem to thrive. Live and learn in gardening 101.

        I am also cutting down on the watering. I have been considering the earthboxes for peppers and other herbs. I've been hearing good things about them from my co-workers.

        Thank you and happy gardening :-)

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          I agree with the others that you're probably overwatering, but was the manure not composted? Fresh manure is too hot for pepper plants, it needs to be composted for awhile before adding. Tomatoes and eggplant are much heavier feeders and might be able to do alright with a ton of fertilizer, but peppers are not as engineered and get burnt much more easily.

          Sometimes when it gets really hot peppers will wilt during the heat of the day and then perk right back up at night as well. This is pretty common and not necessarily a sign that something is wrong. They wilt during the day as a defense mechanism to conserve water. Wilting during hot days doesn't necessarily mean they need watered.