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Jul 1, 2011 11:14 AM


Visiting the Sunshine Coast in the next few weeks. Any recommendations where to go for good food for both lunch and dinner?

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  1. We had a lovely dinner at the Rockwater Secret Cove resort's restaurant about 3 years ago now. My inlaws went for lunch recently and really enjoyed it.

    1. we like the soup and baked goods at Bliss - a FANTASTIC new bistro coffee restaurant in Gibsons -- it is on Gibsons Way across from Shell gas station / A & W fast food. Steven the owner is the most charming kind person - even when it's busy he has a chance to say hello to his guests. It is open for morning coffee and lunches. I don't think it is open in the evening.

      you might also enjoy a drive or bike ride along Henry Road (just west of Bliss) to the two farm stands (Henry Reed organics and "The Green Room" - you could pick up some veggies for picnic snacking

      some people recommend Smittys Oyster House down in Gibsons Landing - great views, funky atmosphere. But i have not been there in a while.

      enjoy your visit, make sure you plan ahead for the ferries (super busy on certain days) - you can reserve space ahead of time on the BC Ferries website.

      1. If you get the chance to pop by Bowen there are some AWESOME restaurants there. Tuscany has probably the best pizza ever. Doc Morgan's mussels & fries, horseradish mayo, and home-made crusty bread on Mondays. But, you seriously have to try Cocoa West. By far the best truffles I have ever tasted.