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Jul 1, 2011 10:31 AM

Looking for great seeded rye bread

Need to take "jewish" rye bread with seeds to very picky parents in FL. Live in MontCo- Willow Grove area, but willing to drive. Any suggestions??

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  1. Closest to you would be Weinrich's Bakery 55 Easton Road. In Huntington Valley, Ben and Irv's Deli has fresh seeded rye bread delivered every day..

    If you go down into Northeast Philadelphia on Bustleton Avenue, there are two Russian Markets - Net Cost just south of Bustleton and Comly, and Bell's Market near Bustleton and Castor. Very nice bread selections there.

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      Thanks! Had considered Ben and Irv's, but didn't think of Weinrich's for rye bread. I'll definitely check out the NE Philly places at some point.

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        Not exactly in the same neighborhood, but I really love the rye bread I get at the Fresh Market in Glen Mills. Reminds me of the rye we'd get in the old neighborhood in Brooklyn. I think there's another Fresh Market somewhere up in Montgomery County.

      2. Found the Russian stores rye bread not to be 'sour' enough. Their black bread l liked though. The only places l have true seeded Jewish rye left in Philadelphia are Liss's on Haverford Ave, and again find it to be not good enough, and Kaplan's at 4th and Poplar which l do find to be just what l am looking for.

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          Kaplan's is definitely the "gold standard" for rye- exactly what I'm looking for. I have had pumpernickel from a Russian store in the NE (in a strip mall on Old Bustleton Ave off of Welsh- a few years ago), which I found quite good, but, the rye wasn't really to my liking. Will have to try Fresh Market- there is one in Horsham right by my house.

          Again- I appreciate the comments and suggestions; very helpful.