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Jul 1, 2011 09:39 AM

potatoes on gas bbq to go with homemade burgers?

we basically use our gas bbq for meat and fish, occasionally baked potatoes. What would be a nice accompaniment to homemade burgers for dinner tonight? I really want fries but seems kind of silly to have oven and BBQ on. So wonder if there is any other tasty method for BBQ.

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  1. We enjoy potatoes and sweet onions , maybe peppers too, with olive oil and salt wrapped in foil and cooked off the heat on the grill. I cut the potatoes on 2" cubes and cook about 35 minutes. The flavors meld beautifully and the onions get a little caramelized.

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      I like doing this too. Put sliced onions, potatoes and peppers in foil with your favorite salad dressing.
      S+P too.

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        I second (or third) this approach: oiled and wrapped in foil, potatoes can steam-roast and be imbued with countless flavor profiles using herbs, aromatics like onion and garlic cloves, whatever you fancy.

      2. I cut my potatoes into wedges, coat with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I put them directly on the grill and cook until done turning once. They come out nice and moist inside. Next time I think I will sprinkle with chili powder for a change.

        1. ooh intriguing. Will get the burgers made up and chilling then have a think about yr suggestions.
          Magiesmom, what sort of temp do they need for 35 min cooking time? our grill has a temp indicator.

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            It is not very fussy, probably 350 or so.

          2. we grill potatoes in wedges as well, or in slices. We either coat with olive oil and a spicy rub mix or with a mix of mayo with a little mustard and some fresh rosemary. salt and pepper of course. first side 6-8 minutes over med to med high, until brown, then second cut side same, then on lower heat and third side until cooked through. usually about 20 minutes total. yum.

            1. defeats the purpose of not wanting to use the oven AND grill - but oftentimes - I cut the potatoes, unpeeled, into wedges, bake on cookie sheet with oil, S+P, and sometimes thyme about 25 minutes - I have done this way in advance as well, then place on greased grill to warm and get grill marks.