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New market at Dundas and Bathurst

Has anyone checked out the new market at Scadding Court Community Centre at Dundas and Bathurst?

There are a bunch of merchants in old shipping containers, including Monteforte Dairy and Magical Catering, a spinoff of Magic Oven. Apparently there will be more food merchants coming soon.


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  1. I haven't bought anything from there but I think it's a great idea. I hope it catches on. There seems to be a lot of interesting things happening at that community center. I used to play basketball there and there was always something going on inside.

    1. They've actually been there for a while, since fall I think? It seems a bit random, I'm never quite sure when they're open. It's nice when they are open though. Last time I saw them, I think Monforte was the only interesting shop, the only other ones open were a trinket shop or an unenticing coffee shop. The first time I saw the containers open there was a place that sold either South American or Latin American food, but I haven't seen them since; the food from that place was ok, nothing too interesting.

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        Monforte seems to be there regularly. I'm always on the other side of the street though. That stretch was so boring I've gotten in the habit of avoiding it. I have to remember to walk by and see what they have.

      2. I was checking out Torontoist and saw a recent write up on it so came here to find CHers reviews. Anyone gone? Feedback?


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          Went last night and had delicious freshly fried donut holes. Not greasy, rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with a homemade dipping sauce (lemon lime curd or a strawberry raspberry sauce -- both delicious). It was $4 for about 8 donuts. Didn't catch the name of this stall -- they also sold 'top your own' vegan chocolate cupcakes, butter tarts and some other baked goods.

        2. Went on Friday for lunch. There's a Korean stand (looks like she was part of the a la Cart program), Monteforte for grilled cheese, a bubble tea stand, the cupcakes and donuts mentioned below, and the Magic Catering people are offering indian. There were a few other stands that weren't yet open - one was definitely crepes.

          Had the Korean, which was very good, and she's serving up a wide variety of snack type items - dumplings, pancakes, squid and shrimp balls and the like. The most talked about, though, was the Magic Catering indian - they're offering samosas, and a sandwich with chickpeas and lentils (I cannot remember what they were calling it, but I have bungee in my head - something close to that). The topper, though, is they will serve you a samosa IN your sandwich - apparently this is common N. India.

          The one complaint I would have is that I am not sure that they're all ready for prime time. They were very busy (unexpectedly - I think they didn't know they would be getting so much press so early) and everything took a very long time. That'll be worked out, I'm sure. Great idea for the neighbourhood.

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            I love it there. Donuts are delicious and it's a wonderfully innovative program to bring som elife to that corner. The people at Scadding are doing some really interesting things with the space. I used to play basketball there on Sundays and every week there would be some sort of community feast celebration/holiday thing happening in the kitchens and common areas. They seem to represent the true spirit of a community center.

          2. I just want to encourage everyone to head over and support the market, it's evolved quite a bit since it first opened and is probably now one of my top food-related places to visit because it's so fun. My favourite is Kanto - Filipino food! Downtown! And it tastes great! But you can also now get: Korean, Tunisian, roti, pupusas, plus there's an Indian place which should be opening soon. It's a bit of a wait to get your food but that gives you an excuse to wander to another container and try something else while waiting :) Hours are Tues-Sat, 11-6.

            Anyone know when Monforte is open? They've been closed the last few times I went for lunch.

            1. I went here this afternoon after realizing Porchetta & Co was closed on Mondays. Was happily surprised at the variety and tastiness of what I found. Not gourmet or fancy to say the least- but tasty, decent street food, that lends itself to grazing from place to place.

              Tried the Moroccan and Colombian joints, and will happily go back for more later this week!

              1. According to their website their hours are now 11-7pm Tuesday to Saturday. I went a while back on a Friday and a bunch of the places were closed down due to the "heat" according to the signs on the containers.
                I had the fillipino place, definitely be prepared for a wait. I enjoyed it but it wasn't 100% cooked fresh when I had it, saw her take a container of noodles out of the fridge and re-heat it.

                There is a food truck even there on the 3rd Friday of the month, so, this Friday -

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                  Hi ylsf.. I went last night with a friend and we had a great time. It was really hard for us to decide because there was so many interesting options. I had a chicken taco from ?Gourmet Gringos? I think, and my friend had the watermelon mojito salad. Her salad didn't quite work, but my taco was great. We then both had tostanes from another truck; very good. I can't wait to go back and try more... I live quite close by.

                2. this place is called market 707. it's a nice community economic development initiative by scadding court community centre. every 3rd friday of the month is "street food fridays" when they partner with food truck eats. i was there last friday and it was great.. few lineups and you can snack your way from stall to stall.


                  1. Another thing to put on my list.

                    Is this kinda like the Latin Food court on Milvan??


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                      They're actual shipping containers, lined up against the North wall of the community centre. I got to try Balut from Kanto (that's Tita Flips! from TUM).

                      There's some interesting things there and a bit of turn over (there was a meat seller there at one point).

                      To be honest, I don't know what the Latin food court looks like, but this one is all outdoors in shipping containers of bright orange and yellows.

                      Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. Here's a peek of the market from last year:


                      Though some of the vendors have changed.

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                        I actually saw it by accident today.
                        Re: Latin Food Court. What I mean is a mix of foods from different countries in a setting that looks almost third world. So sorta but not really I guess.


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                          Yeah.. I was there on Friday, and there was no OMG or Magic Oven. Fortunately, enough other stuff that there was almost too much choice! I also saw the Balut.... and thought "wow. that is interesting. There is no way in hell that I will ever eat it". But I admire those with stronger stomachs and a better sense of adventure than me!

                      2. Funny, I came here to post this information I found through Postcity via twitter but just realized that OP is the twitter account that I saw this posted on!

                        Anyway, Market 707 is turning to crowd sourced funding to try to get some improvements to the area (patio, more containers, etc):


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                            Great idea!
                            I hope they reach their go -- a real gem for the city

                          2. BlogTO has a write up about the vendors for the 2013 season -


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                              Ran past yesterday on my morning jog and there were about four or five new containers sitting there waiting to be moved into place. Can't wait to see who is moving in. Such a great idea and wonderful for "street" food for the city.

                            2. Just visited it for lunch today.. had a fabulous tofu taco at a place called (I think) Cargo Kitchen.. will be back again soon!