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Jul 1, 2011 07:38 AM

New market at Dundas and Bathurst

Has anyone checked out the new market at Scadding Court Community Centre at Dundas and Bathurst?

There are a bunch of merchants in old shipping containers, including Monteforte Dairy and Magical Catering, a spinoff of Magic Oven. Apparently there will be more food merchants coming soon.

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  1. I haven't bought anything from there but I think it's a great idea. I hope it catches on. There seems to be a lot of interesting things happening at that community center. I used to play basketball there and there was always something going on inside.

    1. They've actually been there for a while, since fall I think? It seems a bit random, I'm never quite sure when they're open. It's nice when they are open though. Last time I saw them, I think Monforte was the only interesting shop, the only other ones open were a trinket shop or an unenticing coffee shop. The first time I saw the containers open there was a place that sold either South American or Latin American food, but I haven't seen them since; the food from that place was ok, nothing too interesting.

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        Monforte seems to be there regularly. I'm always on the other side of the street though. That stretch was so boring I've gotten in the habit of avoiding it. I have to remember to walk by and see what they have.

      2. I was checking out Torontoist and saw a recent write up on it so came here to find CHers reviews. Anyone gone? Feedback?

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          Went last night and had delicious freshly fried donut holes. Not greasy, rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with a homemade dipping sauce (lemon lime curd or a strawberry raspberry sauce -- both delicious). It was $4 for about 8 donuts. Didn't catch the name of this stall -- they also sold 'top your own' vegan chocolate cupcakes, butter tarts and some other baked goods.

        2. Went on Friday for lunch. There's a Korean stand (looks like she was part of the a la Cart program), Monteforte for grilled cheese, a bubble tea stand, the cupcakes and donuts mentioned below, and the Magic Catering people are offering indian. There were a few other stands that weren't yet open - one was definitely crepes.

          Had the Korean, which was very good, and she's serving up a wide variety of snack type items - dumplings, pancakes, squid and shrimp balls and the like. The most talked about, though, was the Magic Catering indian - they're offering samosas, and a sandwich with chickpeas and lentils (I cannot remember what they were calling it, but I have bungee in my head - something close to that). The topper, though, is they will serve you a samosa IN your sandwich - apparently this is common N. India.

          The one complaint I would have is that I am not sure that they're all ready for prime time. They were very busy (unexpectedly - I think they didn't know they would be getting so much press so early) and everything took a very long time. That'll be worked out, I'm sure. Great idea for the neighbourhood.

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            I love it there. Donuts are delicious and it's a wonderfully innovative program to bring som elife to that corner. The people at Scadding are doing some really interesting things with the space. I used to play basketball there on Sundays and every week there would be some sort of community feast celebration/holiday thing happening in the kitchens and common areas. They seem to represent the true spirit of a community center.

          2. I just want to encourage everyone to head over and support the market, it's evolved quite a bit since it first opened and is probably now one of my top food-related places to visit because it's so fun. My favourite is Kanto - Filipino food! Downtown! And it tastes great! But you can also now get: Korean, Tunisian, roti, pupusas, plus there's an Indian place which should be opening soon. It's a bit of a wait to get your food but that gives you an excuse to wander to another container and try something else while waiting :) Hours are Tues-Sat, 11-6.

            Anyone know when Monforte is open? They've been closed the last few times I went for lunch.