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Jul 1, 2011 07:11 AM

Chef Brian Johnston leaves Red Door/ Wellington

Chef Brian Johnston announced via Facebook yesterday evening that he's left Red Door/Wellington, but without news of a specific destination.

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Specifically, I met Chef Johnston two times,created a short video for a non-profit concern. I've eaten at Red Door three times, and had cocktails at the Wellington once. Well, twice, if you count each cocktail. I've been turned away from Red Door twice due to a lack of a reservation.

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  1. That is kind of surprising news. Oh well, you can always walk over to "The Gathering" ;D

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    1. re: foodiechick


      That or stand on hot coals in the summertime.

      1. re: Fake Name

        That's too bad. The few times I ate there, I had a nice meal with friends from the neighborhood. As for the Gathering, can anyone explain how this place stays in business? I ate there once just for the heck of it and I swear most of the meal from the bags.

        1. re: sdnosh

          This is a bummer. I wonder how much the menu will change under a new chef. I really enjoy the turkey meatloaf there, which I think was the chef's family recipe. And, even though I think mac and cheese is a bit over played, Red Door's version is killer.

          1. re: sdnosh

            " As for the Gathering, can anyone explain how this place stays in business?"


            And I think it'd be a fantastic location for a good restaurant. If it could only be Piret's once again. : {

            1. re: Fake Name

              The Gathering--when my son was younger we went there in theory because of the magic shows. Fodd was so, so, ok especially when with children. Prices--a bit high but not surprising given the neighborhood. But, the magic. That was NOT good. First time, could not get the magician to come to our table at all. Second time, I did, he stayed like two minutes max then went to another table (the father at that table was waving a $10 bill) and we never were able to get the magician back to our table. When my son, then young, tried to stand hear the table with the "action" he was shooed away. Yikes.