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Jul 1, 2011 06:30 AM

Kouign amman in Quebec (Montreal) - can it be found

All -

I'll be up in Montreal this weekend and next week and want to ask if it's possible to get kouign amman at any patisserie? Yes, it's a Breton specialty but I figured I'd ask anyway.

My thanks -

Cocinero Cubano

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  1. Yes, the namesake patisserie on 322 Mont Royal East.

    1. Le Kouign Amann makes a somewhat updated version which is a bit lighter than the traditional kouing amann. I know there are more traditional versions out there, but I can't recall where I've seen them.

      It has been discussed before, so doing a board search with the proper spelling of kouign amann might prove fruitful.

      1. I've heard Les Co'pains d'Abord makes one sometimes, but I've never seen it (as I don't go often).

        And I've heard great things also about the one at La Porte (restaurant). The chef is from Bretagne I think.

        La Porte Restaurant
        3627 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2X2V5, CA