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Jun 30, 2011 11:17 PM

where to buy high gluten flour

hi can anybody tell me where i can purchase this flour in small amounts or larger up too 20 to 50 lbs im looking for this type of flour for making pizza dough,,thanks for any suggestions--im in Brampton area but would also go to toronto to pick up thanks

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  1. High gluten flour is high protein flour, AKA "bread flour." Try Bulk Barn for small amounts.

    1. Bread flour is higher gluten that regular all purpose. Store stuff is pretty much worthless if you're doing artisan breads. It's pretty well for sandwich bread only.

      Hard flour is even higher than bread flour, typically. I use organic hard flour for most breads these days. Organic hard is usually about the same price as bread flour and worth it by a long shot.

      Ambrosia on Doncaster sells an even higher "High Gluten Flour" in small quantities (1/2 Kg). I found that blending it with lower gluten flour works in a pinch. My yeast cultures also seem to love it.

      1. Bulk Barn sells gluten flour with a very high protein content, maybe 18%. It is costly.
        If you add a small amount of this to a hard wheat flour, such as Robin Hood Best for Bread (12% protein), the pizza crust will be crisp,
        For larger quantities, try Grain Process Enterprises 105 Commander Blvd, Scarboro.