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Jun 30, 2011 07:42 PM

Been to The Boiling Crab?

I love eastern seafood but

it doesn't really exist in L A I just heard about The Boiling Crab for the first time. Have you been? Are the blure crabs like the east coast?

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  1. its a Vietnamese version of a Louisiana crawfish boil. It's nothing too special but in SoCal its a one of a kind I suppose.

    Don't think they do bluecrabs though.

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    1. re: Johnny L

      They do have bluecrabs, at least by the pics from this review:

      1. re: Johnny L

        One of a kind? There are a lot of Viet "Cajun" seafood places in Southern California...

        1. re: will47

          now they are other places expanding but they its not like they are crowding every corner for example frozen yogurt shops.

      2. Blue Crabs are on their menu as seasonal, so be sure to call first.

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        1. re: wienermobile

          This is peak time for blue crabs, if they are going to have them it should be now.

        2. Yes, I've been. Yes, I'm from the East Coast. No, it's not remotely like a crab boil in Maryland. It's more Cajun flavours. You can get blue crab at 99 Ranch Market (or Hawaii Market, where they'll be better) and do it up yourself for cheaper.

          99 Ranch
          17713 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA

          1. If this is Maryland or Cajun, it's the Asian version. On entering, the customer is immediately assaullted by "waitresses" who give the appearance of being more like bar girls than purveyors of food. The shrimp are overcooked.

            1. K-town location said they do not have blue crabs.