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Jun 30, 2011 05:39 PM

can I make jam with one basket of boysenberries?

i just got back from the farmers market and got the last small basket of boysenberries. they wouldn't let me try them as they didn't have much to begin with so i took the plunge and bought it.

they're pretty tart and almost too tart to eat but they would make great jam. is it possible to make jam with one tiny basket or should i try to cook them some other way? any ideas?

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  1. probably not worth the hassle for half a pound of fruit, maybe just stew up with sugar and add it to Greek Yoghurt or put it on cereal!

    1. Yes! I've made small batches of jam. Just don't go through the trouble of processing them. Either freeze, eat or give away.

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        what do you mean by processing them? i've never made jam before....

      2. I've made tiny batches of both boysenberry and mulberry jam, so yes.

        Or you could make a small pie. I used to make them from my own boysenberries for breakfast.

        1. I just made a small batch of strawberry freezer jam that only called for 1 2/3 cup of crushed fruit. I used Ball Flex Batch Instant Pectin. Just mix the sugar, pectin and fruit, ladle into a jar and let sit for 30 minutes. It's quick and easy, but you need to store it in the fridge or freezer.

          Processing is done when you want to want a jam you can keep for a longer length of time and doesn't need to be kept refrigerated or frozen. You have to cook the jam mixture, sterilize the jars and heat the filled jars in a water bath to get them to seal correctly. Too much hassle for me, plus I like the fresher flavor of freezer jam.

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            ahhh, thank you for the answer. yes, no point in processing since i have so little anyway. i don't think it'll last all that long. and BTW, i'm completely WRONG! i bought Olallieberries NOT boysenberries. I wouldn't be making such a big fuss over boysenberries since they're so readily available but i rarely find olallieberries anywhere and i love the tea like flavor that the berries impart.