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Jun 30, 2011 05:28 PM

Trailer I couldn't normally try

Have the day off and want to try a trailer. Am NW and couldn't normally try a lot of the trailers. Any open at lunch that I must try? I'm thinking One Love to start the 'holiday' right. Suggestions?

ps have already been to Franklins and yes the best

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  1. Luke's Inside Out on S. Lamar is really great. It's right in front of the Gibson Bar.

    1. I'm currently most interested in La Tasca (tapas). It's open for lunch and dinner today. It's located at 15th and Rio Grande

      Also interested in Arancini, which appears to only be open for dinner. According to their website, they're having an "Oyster Bash" today and tomorrow, which seems odd to me since official oyster season closes on April 30 in Texas. Anyhow, they have a special menu for it and are serving Saint Arnold brew. They're located at S. 1st and Live Oak.

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        i have been hearing good things about la tasca. i definitely need to try them out.

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          La Tasca doesn't have prices on their site - anybody know how expensive? Sounds really good. There are a LOT of items on the menu, for a trailer.

          1. re: rudeboy

            I was really in the mood for something new this weekend, and remembered the rave write-up for Arancini by Texas Monthly. Unfortunately Arancini is closed due to the chef having knee surgery.

            I came across some nice reviews of La Tasca so I went there instead. It has moved-most of the reviews online say it's on Guadalupe, but it's in the Jessie Street trailer park, which is right by Romeo's on Barton Springs.

            I sampled a couple of mushroom dishes which were superb, an interesting chilled tomato soup (I really wanted a gazpacho) and a summer salad with watermelon and feta that didn't overwhelm me-it needed some black pepper. The prices were all $5 to $8, so definitely reasonable. Overall very solid, the owners are very friendly.

            And then I hit Bananarchy, because it's close by and I love it!

            1. re: NWLarry

              Thanks NWLarry, I've been looking for that trailer for weeks on 15th st. can't wait to try the snails.

        2. There's a taco truck that sits right on the southwest corner of airport and guadalupe my barber lizzy recommended and I've been eating there frequently ever since. the carnitas, barbacoa, and pastor are yummy enough to tolerate the store bought corn tortillas. one picnic table. lovely mom and grandmom often run the show together. clean and fresh.