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Jun 30, 2011 05:06 PM

Eat at Trattoria Athena

My wife and I ate at Trattoria Athena a couple of years ago shortly after it had opened and I thought that its reach had extended its length somewhat. But tonight we had a fantastic dinner there and would recommend highly eating here. Spreads of taramasolatta (sp?) and tzadtziki were delicious especially (to me) the tzadtziki. Very flavorful. The greek and italian olive oils were intensley olively on bread slices. Welk salad---sliced welks with lemon juice, shalots and hot peppers over arugula---yum. Excellent goat kabobs with rice, grilled zucchini and greek yogurt. Also excellent were lamb chops with roasted greek style potatoes. For dessert tiramisu very chocolately and not sweet was well done although I like mine with more mascarpone. A scoop of Greek coffee ice cream and one of pine resin were very tasty and refreshing. We had a bottle of Greek Roditis white wine which was dry and flavorful. My only complaint was that the greek coffee was weak.

Go there, eat well and enjoy.

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    1. re: trufflehound

      I had to google it yesterday...appears to be Brunswick, ME

    2. I've only been once, but I'd have to concur that this place is really great, unpretentious but impeccable. It's on Mill St. which is the side street that parallels Rte 1, about a block off of Maine St. in Brunswick. Just go past the Great Impasta.

      1. Yes sorry about the lack of place and directions. It is on Mill St in Brunswick and quite small and hard to get to if you are not from the area or have GPS. Mill St. exits off Rt 1 just before it goes under the Maine St. overpass in Brunswick. Otherwise you have to turn off of Maine St. onto a one-way street, go down a block, turn right and turn right again.

        1. Ate at Trattoria Athena this evening and thought that it was outstanding. Orders at the table were razor clams seasoned with lemon and oregano, freshly made pasta dishes (one with boar, one with sausage), and roasted goat. All were well seasoned without being overpowering. The staff was attentive and engaging. Would absolutely return.