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Jun 30, 2011 04:23 PM

At a loss...

As always, I read just too many reviews, always trying to find something like a consensus.
End up with more confusion than when I started!
Reviewers love Sage, reviewers hate Sage.
Love Le Cirque, hate Le Cirque
Same for Guy Savoy, michael Mina, etc...
Everyone loves Raku!

Taking my husband to LV for his birthday next week. Kind of last minute, so I am just trying to figure out where to take him for THE dinner.
If we were in NYC, I'd take him to his favorite restaurant on the planet, Prune. But it's Vegas, and I am looking for sexy, over the top decor with equally sexy, over the top food.


Le Cirque
Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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  1. Go to Sage. It has the elements you are looking for. Raku is terrific but I think sage will provide more of the total package of room, service and food.

    1. I have difficulty thinking of any restaurant I'd describe as "sexy, over the top" in both food AND decor.

      Joel Robuchon has perhaps the best food in town, with a very elegant setting, but I'd hardly describe the atmosphere as sexy and over the top. The same goes for Guy Savoy.

      Twist by Pierre Gagnaire comes closer in the atmosphere department. It's located on the 23rd floor, and the dining room itself is pretty impressive. The risk here is the food: it's experimental French. You have to be the type of people who enjoy being challenged. Some of the dishes are very good, but others are more interesting than they are delicious.

      An old standby is Picasso. There's nothing unusual about the food, but it's prepared extremely well. It would make my top ten in terms of food. The atmosphere is even better, with impressive artwork, and if you're lucky, a view of Bellagio's fountains. Another plus: while expensive, it's much cheaper than Robuchon or Savoy.

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        had a great meal at picaso and very reasonably priced for th quality

        1. Third Sage. Everything I had was awesome.

          Also, Sirio got their first shipment of summer truffles so you might want to check that out as well.

          1. I'm from NYC, and love the LV restaurants. My current favorites in LV are e by Jose Andres and Joel Robuchon. I do have Sage on my "must try" list for next year. My favorite NYC restaurants are Momofuku Ko, Eleven Madison Park, and Bouley. I've dined at both Picasso and Twist, and was very underwhelmed by both.